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F.Hinds Bespoke Design Service

Here at F.Hinds we not only sell what you see in our stores and website, but we are able to commission bespoke pieces to your own design requirements. Our skilled craftsmen will turn your ideas into reality and help you create a unique piece of jewellery.

Sometimes we are commissioned to make something from scratch, but we are often asked to transform existing jewellery that has been damaged through normal wear and tear, or remodel items into something a bit more contemporary. You may have recently lost an item or been a victim of a burglary; don't worry, the F.Hinds Bespoke Design Service is here to help.

Our most common request is to design and manufacture bespoke fitted wedding rings. You may have recently chosen or received an interesting shaped engagement ring and have been finding it difficult to find a suitable wedding ring on the high street. Well here is your answer! Taking your engagement ring, we will design and manufacture a bespoke fitted wedding ring which will match perfectly; the effect is similar to a Bridal Set when the two rings are bought together. Based on your specification, you are able to approve sketches beforehand and are at no point obliged to proceed with the purchase.

Please note, this service usually takes 4 weeks and we would require your engagement ring for the entire process to ensure the perfect fit. Please ask in store for more details or email us at

Please see below some genuine examples of what we have been asked to commission and their stories behind them: