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Design 10 - Rose Gold Tanzanite & Diamond Ring


Design and manufacture a 9ct rose gold ring set with a pear cut tanzanite and diamonds.

The process:

Here the customer came to us with a particular design in mind. They were clear they wanted trilogy ring set in 9ct rose gold which incorporated a stunning pear shaped tanzanite with a diamond set on each side.

Firstly we showed the customer a selection of mounts that were available to view in supplier catalogues. Once chosen we were able to source stones of a suitable size to fit the mount. Our specialist goldsmiths were then able to work on bringing all the pieces together.

It is unusual to see this gemstone set in rose gold and we think the deep purple of the tanzanite and warmth of the rose gold work really well together. Being so rare we are sure this is a ring that will get people asking about it.