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Design 21 - Replicate A Damaged Ring

The brief:

Recreate a damaged, sentimental diamond ring as similarly as possible.

The process:

This customer's ring became damaged over time and they were keen to keep the same 'look' rather than opt for an alternative replacement.

Our goldsmiths went to great lengths to find components from a range of suppliers in order to piece together an exact replica. Once pieced together, it was hand finished to further improve the accuracy of the copy. The last stage was to reset the original diamond and send the ring off for hallmarking.

Replicating the original ring that was quite literally falling apart was a great idea by the customer, and they were really pleased with the final piece. With sentimental pieces it is sometimes hard to accept that a replacement is better than a repair, but being able to replicate a design and/or use original gemstones can be a sensible solution to maintaining some of that sentimentality.