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Design 4 - Converting An Earring To Ring


Transform a 9ct gold single pearl earring into a fancy ring (one earring was lost).

The process:

The trick to ensure this works is to find a tapered ring shank which compliments the design of the earring and allows for a seamless join.

We recommended a fairly heavyweight, plain shank to ensure the pearl and setting became the main feature of the design. The customer was able to view and approve this from one of our supplier catalogues in store. Then our goldsmiths simply had to join the two!

This is a very creative idea by the customer which makes use of an odd earring. Had the customer wanted diamonds on the shoulders for example, we could have heavily rhodiumed or rose gold plated the head to create a strong contrast in the gold colours. Rhodium plating would also enhance the sparkle in the four diamonds around the pearl.