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Design 8 - Diamond Set Fitted Wedding Ring


To design and manufacture a fully fitted, diamond set wedding ring.

The process:

We passed the customer's brief on to our Design Team who generated a number of sketches for the customer to approve in store.

Once chosen, a wax cast was generated to match the profile of the engagement ring and then through a process known as the 'lost wax casting', the white gold ring was made. Diamonds were sourced to match those in the engagement ring and channel set into the wedding ring. The fit and shape of the ring was finalised before being polished and sent for hallmarking.

Buying a cluster ring as an engagement ring does mean that you are unlikely to find a matching wedding ring on the high street. However it does mean you have the fantastic opportunity to create something totally personal to you.

On this occasion the customer wanted to have diamonds set in the ring and this required a slightly wider band than that on the engagement ring. If desired, a narrower band could be achieved by choosing a non-diamond set option.