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Why get your jewellery valued?

Your jewellery is precious and it is important to protect it. In the event that your jewellery is ever lost or stolen and you need to make a claim, your insurance company will probably ask for proof of ownership and value.
A professional valuation for insurance carried out by our independent valuers is by the far the best way to achieve this and maximises your chances of achieving a fair result.

Also, in the event that the police recover your possessions, a valuation with images of your items and detailed descriptions could be the only way to provide evidence of ownership and to get them back. All valuations are registered on a secure database - these are held anonymously, but are retrievable for you so they can be checked by the police and insurance companies if required.

While the majority of valuations are for insurance replacement - to get an accurate and current valuation of your jewellery to ensure you are covered and your premiums are correct - we can also help if you need one for probate or sales between parties.

How do I go about getting my jewellery valued?

We hold regular Valuation Days in our stores throughout the year. These are very popular as they provide the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the valuer. You can learn more about your jewellery and have it cleaned, weighed and measured.  Your items are appraised and valued - along with a detailed description of each item - and presented to you in a professional portfolio.

Valuations on the day are by appointment only. If you are interested in attending one, please phone your local store to make an appointment. Stores can be found here via our Store Locator. Please note that we have a limited number of appointments on the day to ensure that all customers are allowed sufficient time.

What if I can’t make a Valuation Day?

It's simple. Take your jewellery to any of our stores and we will arrange for your items to be sent securely to our valuation centre. The store will be happy to advise you on how long the service will take and the total cost (prices start from £49.95). If you decide to go ahead, a full receipt for all of your items will be provided while they are in our care.

This professional valuation service is carried out by registered valuers and the process takes approximately 3 - 4 weeks. Your jewellery will be cleaned, weighed, measured and photographed and you will receive your own personal folder containing a detailed description of each item together with digital images of all your items.

The independent valuers we use are highly qualified members (MIRV) and fellows (FIRV) of the National Association of Jewellers' Institute of Registered Valuers. For more details, visit their website here or click on the logo below.

If you would just like to find out more information about our valuation service then why not call into your local store? They will be very happy to explain the service in more detail.