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Bilib clocks

F.Hinds are proud to be stockists of BilliB longcase, grandfather and grandmother clocks and we would be more than happy to assist you if you are considering owning this special timepiece. We stock a limited range of BilliB clocks in some of our largest stores but please pop into any F.Hinds and ask to view a BilliB brochure for more options. We can order directly from them for delivery straight to your home and one of our trained professionals can even set it up for you. Please see our Store Locator for your nearest branch.

For this special purchase, you simply cannot choose just from a brochure. That is why BilliB have their very own showroom in Bournemouth which houses over 100 clocks on permanent display. Please note that access to the BilliB showroom is only available by appointment; they are not a retail shop but a warehouse facility. Please also note that due to holidays and trade exhibitions there are certain weeks that the showroom is closed.

Should you decide to purchase a BilliB clock, please be aware that your order along with payment is made through F.Hinds who then liaise with BilliB to arrange delivery of your new clock.

If you would like to speak to us to find out any further information at this stage or to book an appointment please call us free on 0800 034 4637 / 01895 201040 or email us at

About BilliB Grandfather clocks

BilliB in Central Bournemouth is a family business established in 1969. With many years of experience, BilliB has a permanent display of grandfather and grandmother clocks, wall clocks, mantel and table clocks, plus contemporary and designer clocks for the discerning buyer wishing to see a range of antiques of the future.

Using only the finest materials, BilliB is likely to have the largest selection of varying styles and finishes of mechanical chiming clocks available in the UK with over 65 different styles of quality longcase clocks with most being available in-stock from their warehouse.

Setting up instructions

We would be able to give guidance should any problems arise using their service department and BilliB backup, however our setting-up service may not be necessary as BilliB clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind. If you need help setting up your clock - regardless if the clock was bought from us - please ask in store as one of our trained advisors may be able to make a home visit at a small additional cost.

Working with the instructions provided with every clock

1. BilliB clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind giving ease and simplicity
2. Remove the clock from the shipping carton after ensuring all the staples are safely removed to avoid scratching the clock
3. Open the back or side panels of the clock to see the movement
4. Remove the cardboard and or chime rod protectors from around the chime rods; slide the cardboard band down and off the chime rods
5. Lift the chime hammer transit bars, (if applicable) which will release the chime hammers or cut the band enabling the hammers to move freely
6. Replace the back and or side panels
7. Move the clock to its final location, now hang the pendulum
8. Hang the weights; making sure the clock is square and level
9. Now give the pendulum a good swing, all BilliB clocks will go straight into balance and start chiming