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Ring sizes - getting it right

Hints & tips

We understand that there are times where it may not be practical to find a person's ring size ahead of ordering a ring for them - for example a surprise proposal. For that reason we offer a FREE ring adjustment post purchase for a period of 30 days* which if need be, can be extended upon agreement. You can therefore shop with confidence that we can sort things out at a later date if need be.

As a rough guide, if you are guessing the finger size for a lady, we would advise you to opt for a size L for slender hands, size N for medium and larger size Q. For a man's ring, small would be size S, medium V and large size X.

If you are guessing the ring size then it may speed things up if you email us once your order is placed to let us know you are unsure of the size required. For such orders, we may well send the ring in a size close to it as this may well fit. This saves time and potentially adjusting the ring unnecessarily.

The amount of sizes a ring can be adjusted depends largely on the style of ring and the setting. As a general rule, most rings can be adjusted up or down at least two sizes meaning guessing the size in the majority of case will not be a problem further down the line. Those without stones set in the upper halves tend to be much easier to adjust; often five or six sizes can be achieved.

Styles that tend to be more difficult to adjust include, but are not restricted to:

•  Full eternity rings (stones set all the way round) – cannot be adjusted
•  Russian, patterned and diamond set wedding rings – cannot be adjusted
•  Invisible settings (where multiple stones are seamlessly joined to look like one bigger stone)
•  Two part, rotating band rings – cannot be adjusted
•  Palladium & Titanium (all styles) – cannot be adjusted
•  Rings with concave sides (look for a scooped out inside shank on the picture)

For such lines we will endeavour to swap the ring ordered for another in the size required. Please note this can take around two weeks and is subject to stock availability.

For any further information please feel free to contact us in advance and we will advise accordingly.You can reach us on 0800 034 4637 or 01895 201040 or by email at

*Rings that cannot be sized and that are ordered outside of our standard range are excluded from this offer. Orders for these are taken at the customers risk.