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Wedding ring guide

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At F.Hinds we offer one of the largest selections of wedding rings on the high street with designs available in 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold as well as platinum, palladium and titanium. To help you with your selection we have put together the following information.

Which metal?

For her the first important factor is to match the metal type to the engagement ring, as softer metals will wear against harder ones. This means that if you have a platinum engagement ring you are generally best having a platinum wedding ring. If it is an 18ct gold engagement ring it is usual to choose an 18ct gold wedding band (this is the safest bet even though there can be as much variation between different 9ct alloys as between 9ct and 18ct).

The ranges we stock in store and online are typically 9ct gold but almost all are available in 18ct gold and many in platinum, 22ct gold and palladium too. Please contact us on 0800 034 4637 / 01895 201040 or email if you would like us to quote you a price for a different metal, carat or colour.

Should our wedding rings match?

There is no strict rule regarding this although we do stock a wide range of matching bride's and groom's complementary styles. It is often the case that the bride chooses a more elaborate style to suit her engagement ring and the groom a plainer ring. Often these fancier wedding rings will be set with diamonds to complement the engagement ring but grooms too are increasingly opting for diamond set wedding rings.

Palladium wedding bands are also popular with some grooms due to their ‘gunmetal’ colour and durability, but this attribute does mean that they are difficult to alter once bought!

Patterned wedding rings

These are often applied as a final touch to add detail or to create a distinctive look. We may also be able to add patterns you have seen on one of our wedding rings to different widths from those we stock as standard. Remember that diamond cutting and engraved patterns are deeper and so last longer than matt or textured looks such as satin finish.

All patterned finishes will gradually become ‘lived-in’ over time, but if you regularly handle rough materials or work in a manual environment, we recommend that you do not choose rings with a matt or satin finish - plain rings would be better suited to you. Patterns and textures are often applied as a final touch to add detail or to create a look. We may also be able to add patterns you have seen on one of our wedding rings to different widths from those we stock as standard. Remember that diamond cutting and engraved patterns are deeper and so last longer than matt or textured looks such as a satin finish.

What about shaped wedding rings?

For certain styles of engagement ring, placing a flat edged wedding band next to the ring leaves a gap between the two rings. Shaped wedding bands are available to curve round the setting of the engagement ring and can be set with diamonds as well. We are also able to offer a bespoke service if your engagement ring setting is particularly difficult to fit to. Please read more about our bespoke design service here.

What sizes are available?

Our standard range of sizes for bride's wedding rings is J-S and for grooms it's R-Z. We welcome enquiries for rings outside these ranges - it’s not unheard of for us to supply plain bands in size Z+6! Also, quite a few brides prefer the band described as being for the groom as they are usually wider - this is 100% down to personal taste, so don’t worry about asking to buy one of these if you are a bride!

When ordering wedding bands, please make sure that you have been properly measured by us or another jeweller using a ring gauge of a similar width to that of the wedding ring you are looking for. A wider band is likely to require a bigger finger size than a narrow band because it is harder to get on and off. This is important as it is often impossible to re-size patterned wedding bands once they have been made.

Also, your finger size is likely to change if you are planning on dieting for the wedding day, so your ring could be a little looser when you receive the ring than it was when you were measured if you have lost weight for the day!
Still not found what you are looking for?

Why not make use of our free bespoke design service to create something truly bespoke to you? Your ring will be your daily reminder of your vows to each other, outlasting all the other parts to the wedding. Why not use this in-store service to create something that little bit extra-special?

Wedding jewellery

For any bride, choosing the jewellery that you will wear on your big day is so much fun and there are lots of sources of inspiration if you want it. Bridal magazines are a great place to start and you will find a host of wedding websites to draw ideas from too.

It is important to consider your overall ‘look’ before choosing your jewellery. Knowing the neckline of your dress will help you choose the right length necklace. Planning how you will wear your hair will also help as long hair may obscure earrings and possibly even necklaces too.  

Diamonds are of course a popular choice for brides, as are pearls, giving you a traditional elegant look. Or you could achieve a glamorous look with diamante or a striking design from our silver range.

We also have a wide range for the groom to choose from - there are cufflinks and tie bars as well as other jewellery items for men in gold, silver and titanium.

We have an extensive jewellery selection from which to choose and we recommend that you allow enough time so that you can change your mind and your style without any pressure in the run up to the big day.

The wedding party

The bridesmaids share the most memorable moments with you and deserve a beautiful gift. Show your appreciation with a piece of jewellery such as a pendant or bracelet. For the younger bridesmaids why not give something from our collectables range?

The best man plays a key role on your wedding day, so mark his contribution with a stylish keepsake. Choose from our extensive collection of cufflinks, or other smart accessories especially designed with men in mind.

Parents also play an important part at weddings. Mothers are often remembered with a bouquet of flowers but could be made to feel extra special with a piece of jewellery to treasure forever. We’re sure any father would be delighted with a memento of your big day having given away his ‘little girl’ or proudly stood by his ‘grown up’ son. We are confident we have something any member of the wedding party will be thrilled to receive and cherish forever.

A guide to wedding ring profiles

This is often the most popular profile. Rounded on the inside as well as the outside, it offers the most comfortable fit.

The second most popular fit where the ring it flat on the inside and rounded on the outside i.e. when in profile the ring looks like a 'D'. This provides the look of a court but uses less metal so is often the cheaper alternative.

Flat Court
A more modern approach to the standard court fit. With a round inside for comfort, the outer edge is squared off which the groom's seem to prefer.

Flat on the inside and on the outside, this is the slimmest of all profiles and is very modern. Mostly favoured by the groom as it doesn't get in the way of manual labour, or if on a budget.

As interesting profile and opposite to a court where the ring looks hollowed out. an interesting alternative to the usual choice.