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The brand was founded in 1946 and still to this day remains at the forefront of quality, design and value for money. In early 1970s, after the invention of digital quartz technology, Accurist introduced a collection using a digital quartz movement. This range was so cutting-edge that became the official watch for the pilots of the newly launched Concorde aircraft.

In 1983, the company decided to move its manufacturing from Switzerland to Japan in order to take advantage of their cutting edge technology. It proved to be a strategic move, as after that, Accurist Watches enjoyed a 500% increase in their UK business.

In 1986, Accurist was awarded by the National Association of Goldsmiths the first ever “Award of Excellence”, in recognition of their contribution and influence in the UK watch market.

By 1993, Accurist had become the largest brand in the UK in value terms and started expanding into international markets. In 1999 just before the new millennium, Accurist Watches launched their Accu.2 Collection, targeting mainly younger consumers. Strongly advertised by the "No ordinary old timer" campaign, the collection soon became one of the most successful ranges of the company, stocked in more than 1500 shops and retail outlets across the UK.

In 1997 Accurist Watches won the “Volume watch brand of the year” Award and in 2001 they gained the “Client Service” Award at the UK Jewellery Awards, for their commitment and continuous support to their customers.

Also in 1997, Accurist Watches started sponsoring the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, London, being the first and only brand ever being associated with it. Accurist Watches created an Atomic Clock, in order to countdown the last 1,000 days to the new Millennium, which was placed on the Meridian and was controlled by 8 satellites, showing the days, hours, minutes seconds, tenths of second and hundredths of seconds until the new Millennium.

Accurist Watches was immediately associated with the Royal Observatory and was promoted around the world, as there was a big event at Greenwich to celebrate the new Millennium. Accurist Watches took advantage of this partnership and started using the slogan “Accurist. The standard by which all watches are set” and “Accurist Mean Time”. At the same time, the company launched a range of replica Accurist Millennium Countdown Clocks, in a worldwide scale. In 2003, Accurist Watches strengthened the agreement with Royal Observatory and produced a collection of replica clocks from the National Maritime Museum and the Observatory itself.

In 2009, Accurist watches launched the “Charmed by Accurist” collection which got immediate attention due to their elegance and beauty (see left). With “Charmed by Accurist” you can create truly personal timepieces, compatible with leading bead and charm brands. The collection has been promoted through print and television advertisements, showing that women can use different beads using the same watch and totally change the way it looks.

In Spring/Summer 2013, the Accurist Vintage collection was launched. These classic Bombay dials, have been given a modern twist with the inclusion of a multi-coloured nato-style nylon or calfskin leather straps. With engraved case backs and Miyota 2115 calibre movements, precision, longevity and style are assured. The original inspiration for these watches was taken from the rich heritage of the brand and it's foundation dating back to 1947 in Clerkenwell, London. Today the Accurist Vintage collection has been recognised as the 'Trendsetting watch of the year 2013' by WatchPro magazine and continues as a major trend in 2014.

Accurist today

For over 65 years, Accurist has been one of the most recognisable and successful independent watch company's in the UK. Only very recently has Accurist been purchased by Time Products but it still continues to produce high quality wrist watches with British Style at real value and high precision. With styles ranging from the hugely popular ladies Charmed range to the brand new Vintage collection, fashion forward individuals are spoilt for choice. Built with high performance and designed for practicality, the Accurist Sport range is ideal for those with an appetite for the great outdoors. Accurist are also renowned for producing timeless classics found in the Accurist Collection range as well as the ever popular 9ct solid Gold collection.