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The F.Hinds Charity Policy

Carrier Bag Levy

From October 2015, all retailers across England and Wales were required to charge 5p for a carrier bag with the proceeds going to good and environmental causes.

Since the introduction of this levy, F.Hinds has endeavoured to support local, smaller causes which have a greater impact on the community in which they are based, rather than national charities who have vast means and resources when it comes to fund-raising.

Whilst the national charities are indeed worthy causes and do a lot of excellent work, a certain percentage of funds they raise does tend to be absorbed by administration costs. Whereas helping a school, community project etc. usually sees 100% of the donations go to that charity. It has also been our policy to try and support as many individual causes throughout the accounting period rather than make a single ‘lump sum’ donation.

All details can be obtained through our Head Office - please email for more information.
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