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There are two types of black diamonds; naturally formed black diamonds and 'black diamonds'. Naturally formed black diamonds (also known as fancy coloured diamonds) are of course extremely rare and expensive and are very rarely sold on the high street. The price is usually dependant on their colour intensity, but they are generally more affordable than natural white diamonds because they are less in demand.

The black diamonds you see in high street stores are actually not black to begin with; they would have started life dusky, dark and opaque due to the occurrence of inclusions and structural defects within the stone. Because natural black diamonds are so rare, some diamond specialists are able to artificially enhance low quality coloured diamonds by burning them in the rough state until they display the same opaque black colour of a natural black diamond. Once the heat treatment has been applied, enhanced black diamonds look just as good as natural black diamonds and importantly, they are very affordable.

Black and white diamonds are measured under two different grading scales becuase whilst white diamonds can be colourless/white (graded colour D) through to a fancy yellow (graded colour Z), they cannot really be compared to other black diamonds as these are only found naturally in one colour; black. Black diamonds are not transparent and do not display fire in the way that colourless and other coloured diamonds do, but can still be incredibly impressive.

The F.Hinds Night & Day collection of black and white diamond jewellery boasts enhanced black diamonds set in white gold, with simple cluster rings, solitaire earrings and extravegant dress rings.

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