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Pink diamonds are rarer than one in a million. The diamond has to be the world's most fascinating gem - nothing is so precious. Treasured for at least 3,000 years its unique beauty and rarity have ensured it will always be valued as the ultimate token of love and affection; that's why we say a diamond is forever.

Natural pink diamonds are one of the most exclusive and rare gemstones in the world. They have been created by unique geological circumstances in one area of Western Australia and arrive with their own mystique linked with ancient Australian legend.

Pink is the colour most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness and the romantic. It has been observed that many women are drawn to pink over any other colour for their clothing and accessories as it complements white and enhances blue; it also looks its best set in 9ct white or rose gold.

Combined, the results can only be described as stunning - plus there's the added cachet of owning a gem that's not only already exceedingly rare but with limited future supply as it is anticipated that within just ten years natural pink diamonds will be even rarer and therefore even more costly. And that's why natural pink diamonds are 'one in a million', and wearing a pink diamond jewellery piece says she's 'one in a million' too.

Famous pink diamonds include The Williamson Pink, a superlative solitaire pink diamond at the centre of a flower spray brooch created by Cartier in 1953 to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's coronation. Another famous piece is a suite of koalas from Graff, clearly linking these iconic gems to their Australian source.

Maria Sharapova, Jennifer Lopez and Maria Carey together with several other well known celebrities have chosen pink diamonds for their engagement rings.

Having been given access to a source of pink diamonds, we have been able to create our own, exclusive collection, thereby creating an opportunity for you to become a 'One In a Million' pink diamond wearer.