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Taking Care of your Watch

Now you have your new watch there are some things that you need to know in order to help you keep it in good condition.

Caring for your Watch Case and Bracelet

Metal bracelets should be washed carefully in water. If very dirty use a soft toothbrush with soap and water gently brush away the dirt. Rinse with water and carefully dry with a soft cloth so as not to scratch. If your watch is not water resistant be very careful not to get any water on the case. To clean the case wipe gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and dry. Avoid immersing a leather strap in water.

In the summer weather loosen your leather strap slightly as they will absorb perspiration. If a strap becomes wet with perspiration wipe it with a soft cloth. Upon removing your watch keep it in a well-ventilated area. Don't leave it in a container or box if still damp with perspiration.

To view our range of cleaning products for your watch, please click here. We strongly recommend a microfibre cloth to buff your metal watches.

How Should I Take Care of my Watch from Day to Day?

Shocks: Try to avoid knocking or indeed dropping your watch on any hard surfaces. Remember it is a precision instrument.

Perspiration: Try to avoid heavy perspiration coming in to contact with your watch. If it does then wipe it as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth.

Substances: Chemical substances, gases, mercury, etc., may change the colour of cases, bracelets and straps. Direct contact with sprays such as hairspray, perfumes or detergents may cause damage to your watch.

Can Magnetism Affect my Watch?

It won't usually affect digital quartz watches, but it can affect analogue watches, as they use a tiny electric motor to turn the hands. Powerful magnetism can affect the performance of this motor.

Analogue watches may gain or lose time, or even stop under the influence of powerful magnetic fields, they will usually return to normal time keeping as soon as they leave the source of magnetism. (You may need to reset your watch, of course).

Avoid putting your watch near medical equipment, headphones, loudspeakers, or refrigerator door magnets. Electric mixers and blenders and a wide range of other electrical equipment may also have strong enough magnetism to affect timekeeping.
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