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Watch Battery Replacement

What is Involved?

- After leaving your watch in store, the branch will arrange for your watch to be sent to our Watch Workshop at head office

- A technician will be assigned to the job and would first inspect the watch for any external signs of wear and tear and/or damage. This will be noted before any work is carried out

- The watch is placed on a quartz tester to see if a pulse is passing through the circuit - this will indicate if the battery is OK or not

- The case back is hand brushed to remove external dirt from entering the watch

- Once the back has been removed the battery voltage is checked to determine if this is the main fault

- If the test indicates a low voltage, the battery is changed, the battery contacts are cleaned and an interim service is carried out. This gets the optimum life out of the new battery

- If the test indicates a high voltage, the watch is tested to determine what the fault is i.e. mechanical or electronic - this will result in us giving an estimate to the store for the repair. You will have the opportunity to proceed with this or not

- Once the battery change has been completed, the internal movement is removed from the case enabling the case and bracelet to be cleaned

- The case and bracelet are cleaned with the use of an ultrasonic tank and steam cleaner to have all dirt and dust removed

- Then the case and bracelet is dried and cooled. This ensures no dirt and moisture is left on the case before the resealing process

- The watch is reassembled with its internal components, the old case seals and button and stem/pushers are greased and placed back in the watch and the case back is refitted

- Finally, the watch is placed in a dry vacuum and pressure tester. The tester is programmed to the manufacturers water resistance specifications and this will automatically produce a PASS or FAIL slip

- If failed, the watch is tested with a different water resistance to indicate where the fault may lie. At this point we will send an estimate to the store if more parts are required. Again you can choose whether to proceed or not

- Once we are happy with the results, the watch is left on test for 24 hours and then dispatched back to the branch with relevant paperwork
We strongly recommend that you allow us to fit watch and other flat ‘cell’ style batteries for you and that you leave any expired or used cells with us for recycling. We are happy to recycle these for you whether purchased from us or not, as it is important that they are disposed of carefully. We both fit and recycle free of charge.

Please be aware that watch batteries should be kept well away from children as they can be dangerous if swallowed. See
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