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The latest collection from Fred Bennett, one of the UK's most enduring and popular jewellery ranges for men, is now available from F.Hinds. The new Fred Bennett Collection provides over 65 stunning designs featuring a freshly-chosen male model in the persona of "Fred". The model embodies the bearded and somewhat rugged look which is currently so fashionable.

The new pieces, many of which have been created with a unisex audience firmly in mind, include rings, bracelets, ID bracelets, torque bangles as well as various neckwear designs in both leather and dog-tag styles. The majority come in stainless steel mixed with leather, suede and various colours of plating, although there are also plenty of plain silver pieces available. Some designs incorporate semi-precious stones such as grey howlite and lapis to great effect.

In line with customer demand, the new collection includes a much expanded range of accessories with more leather wallets, a leather key fob and a wash-bag made from waterproof canvas with micro-fibre detailing now being made available alongside tie clips, money clips and cufflinks.

In line with fashion trends there are three key themes: 'The Maverick', 'The Adventurer' and 'The New Gent'. The Maverick offers heavy-duty styling brought to life with tribal and punk influences whilst The Adventurer provides burnished finishes on the metal and worn/textured leathers to give an easy relaxed look which is the mainstay of the Fred Bennett style. The third - The New Gent - embodies the current trend for classic styling which is firmly back in fashion and very popular with the younger market.

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