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The creative world of CLUSE was founded in April 2013 and the name refers to the French town of 'Cluses'; known for its rich watch-making history. Our goal with CLUSE: to create fashionable, high quality watches for women of the millennial generation.

Drawing inspiration from minimalist fashion and subtle colours, CLUSE represents the mentality of simplicity: a mentality of being grounded, focusing on what matters and not forgetting to cherish the small, beautiful moments in life. Along with the idea of simplicity, CLUSE embraces the idea of uniqueness. With the core belief that every person is different, CLUSE acknowledges the power of individuality and is always urging its audience to express their own unique character.

View the collections below:

La Bohème

Minimal yet bold, this collection juxtaposes an oversized dial with feminine detailing and an ultra-thin finish. The absence of numbers on the dial redefines contemporary elegance, making this the perfect understated statement watch. Available in a beautiful variety of colours and textures, the La Bohème is the perfect accessory for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Smaller in size than the La Bohème collection but equally stunning, this collection is all about those little moments when time stands still. Each watch is marked out with a Roman numeral at the number twelve for a wink of glamour. A minimalist face with a modern attitude, this collection is consistent with the minimal look and philosophy of CLUSE.

La Vedette

At only 24mm wide, the La Vedette collection effortlessly captures contemporary minimalism and glamour. Delicately thin straps in either mesh or genuine leather are combined with a domed glass case for a real touch of vintage.

La Roche

Crafted with precision this collection is entirely expressive and incomparable, and is for cherishing those unique moments. Each watch features a real marble dial with a one-of-a-kind patina for true individuality. Magnified in size at 38mm wide, or scaled down to 33mm for La Roche Petite, coupled with a genuine leather strap or a rose gold mesh bracelet, there is a style and size to suit everyone.

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