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Guess Watches launched its collection in 1983 with a line of men's and women's fashion timepieces. Consistent with the Guess image, the ever-evolving watches appeal to young, fashion-driven consumers around the world. Constant attention to new ideas and cutting-edge designs keep the brand exciting and relevant to today's trends. Timepieces for women feature styles that range from trendy-casual to sophisticated-chic and the collection for men encompasses the best of masculine design, materials and technology. View some of the collections below in more detail.

Essentially the Guess watch customer is young, sexy and adventurous and incorporates the watches as part of their accessory wardrobe.

Glamorous & Glitzy

This range of ladies Guess watches are sure to be show stoppers this season. With starry dials setting the tone and embracing a celestial feeling in brilliant rose gold and bold black combinations, crystallized cases of polished rose gold range from 30 to 48mm and encircle lustrous black dials. The lead silhouette features a sunray white multifunction dial enclosed by a shimmering black resin bezel and a matte croco leather strap. The fusing together of the contemporary with elegant details elevates this signature look to new heights.

For an edgy look or a night on the town, these ladies Guess watches offer a stunning constellation of rose gold rays and white crystals on midnight glitz dials. Black caviar-like straps and polished rose gold stainless steel bracelets complete the look, bringing it full circle.

These radiant timepieces capture the true essence of fashion and soon you can be a Guess Girl reaching for the stars.

Business Casual

From dressing to impress or staying casually comfortable, to showing off and sporty styling, this collection of men's Guess watches captures a signature style offering fashion and functionality for every occasion. Featuring chronograph movements, 44mm cases and a variety of steel bracelets and leather band options, this is the 'new normal' for the Guess Guy. Surrounded by slim profile cases, Roman numerals on the dial offer a decorative touch making these timepieces appear both distinguished and sophisticated.

With dressed up versions in gold and silver, rose gold accents define the timeless luxury of this collection. For a more distinguished look, the sunray silver dials and rose gold accents are coupled with a rich Bordeaux leather strap and the luxe tone of the lizard-look straps redefines conventional styling in every conceivable way. Casually cool is a key trait in the personality profile of the Guess Guy, and these timepieces offer an everyday accessory.

This season the Business Casual Guess watches offers versatile pieces with multiple style personalities, perfect for the lifestyle looks of men today.

Active & Attractive

This collection of Guess watches will bring comfort and sports styling to everyone's watch wardrobe this Autumn. For the active yet effortless lifestyles, fashion is never sacrificed; iconic blacks, whites and reds reinvigorate the everyday ease of the Guess consumer on the go and by re-inventing masculine silhouettes with lightweight pieces, for ladies it gives a sense of being active while looking attractive.

For the ladies - 38mm polished silver cases fitted to perforated silicone bands gives a fresh and functional take on the active lifestyle timepiece. With this also available for the Guess Guy in a 44mm chronograph version, it offers a His & Her look for the couple on the move.

Silicone cases are fashion first and is now a universal look for today’s modern market of unisex fashion. This encapsulates the brand legacy with all-black IP stainless steel cases and continuous texturing across the cases and bezels. For truly active looks, these Guess watches feature highlighted smooth black silicone bands and pops of red on carbon fibre textured dials.

Making a swift shift from courts to concrete, Guess continues to offer the iconic timepieces, raise the bar and take the lead for Autumn 2017.

Mesh Moments

This season, Guess watches are having a moment with mesh! A sharp, stylish, striking and modern look that brings a new stand-out style. With timepieces featuring unique bangle bracelets with hammered detail - this adds an edgy touch for an on-trend look. Perfectly polished cases are surrounded with crystals and offer a unique T-bar connection.

For the Guess Girl in search of refined elegance, the signature highlighted style features intricately designed multi-strand bangles showcasing the fine craftsmanship at the core of Guess watches. Encased in crystals, these timepieces are the perfect addition to every party. Available in silver, gold and rose gold IP variations this silhouette features sunray Roman dials with glitz accents for a dressed up day or night.

Become entangled in these delightfully versatile, classic Guess pieces and put your seasoned style skills to use by creating looks that feel both smart and sophisticated.

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