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For 25 years, innovative designers at STORM have remained at the cutting edge of fashion through the development of accessories for the sophisticated consumer.

Under the creative eye of Steve Sun, President and Head of Design, the brand was conceived and launched in 1989 - an entrance that turned the 'traditional' watch market on its head. Aside being the first UK company to sell watches as an accessory, STORM also utilised materials and designs never witnessed in watch design before. Its legendary use of stainless steel and development of coloured dials, in particular lazer dials, ensured STORM not only became a best seller, but gained a reputation for individual and innovative timepieces.

With an increasing international presence and proven formula, Steve set about embracing additional arenas. By February 2001, the trademark designs, materials and concepts had been applied to an inspirational new jewellery range, and in Spring 2002 a new optical and sunglass eyewear range. The brand has been extended further and now includes bags, umbrellas, underwear/nightwear, fragrances and shoes. All ranges continue to marry the STORM essence, high fashion and quality design.

Steve's designs are unique, pushing the boundaries of customer trends and expectations. He chose the name STORM because it evokes strength and wonder. And at the centre of STORM lies Steve's own whirlwind of inspiration and vision.

STORM continues to remain one step ahead of other fashion watch brands by keeping to its design principles and continuing to push design boundaries. STORM’s co-founder and head designer Steve Sun explains “Unlike other watch companies we won’t be led and strive to design fashionable, trend led products."

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