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Guess Connect Smartwatches


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Guess Connect Smartwatches

Fashioned after the global, best-selling style 'Guess Rigor', these Guess Connect Smartwatches demonstrate a unique fusion between fashion and lifestyle functionality. Guess Connect Smartwatches include call and voice command, the ability to receive notifications, easy camera and music control, as well as many other features.

Guess Connect watches sync to an iOS or Android smartphone with the use of Bluetooth and all boast unique, fully-contained Martian modules that sport a microphone and clear audio speaker. This allows users to connect to their smartphone’s resident voice command App so wearers can give voice commands, talk and listen, plus respond to texts and emails directly from the watch.

Using the free Guess Connect iOS & Android App, users can also customise which notifications are received on the watch, recall the most recent notifications with just one tap of the watch glass and create customisable vibration patterns to distinguish the type of alert that is coming in. Ultimately, the Guess Connect Smartwatches are more intuitive than ever and create the ultimate level of efficiency for the user.