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Gender Pay Gap

At F.Hinds we pay women and men the same when they perform the same role. There is a pay gap that is driven by how our teams are structured.

F.Hinds is 77% female, with the majority of all the roles in our shops. We offer flexibility across our teams with full time and part time roles that offer a work life balance. These provide the potential for career progression. We are proud that most of our managers started with the company in more junior positions and have made a career progression.

The majority of our most senior branch managers are men. In order to progress their careers many have relocated when a senior position has become available. Due to personal circumstances, comparatively few women have relocated when offered these senior positions. In recent years the number of female managers has increased.

142 women and men received Bonus payments. All branch managers are eligible for commission which counts as a Bonus. In addition relatively small payments for branch competition winners count as Bonus payments under Gender Pay reporting, these payments skew the figures. No non-store employees, including management and directors, are paid a bonus.

Most of the senior, higher paid, roles at the office show a greater proportion of men than women. However, we are confident that everyone who works for F.Hinds is being paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

Hourly Rate

Women's hourly rate is 36.2% lower (mean)
Women's hourly rate is 13.7% lower (median)

Pay Quartiles

Top quartile: Men 48.4% Women 51.6%
Upper middle quartile: Men 10.3% Women 89.7%
Lower middle quartile: Men 12.1% Women 87.9%
Lower quartile: Men 23.0% Women 77.0%

Bonus Pay

Men's bonus pay is:
50.9% higher (mean)
58.1% higher (median)

Who received bonus pay:
29.7% of men
10.2% of women
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