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Vintage Inspired Diamond Cluster Rings

Posted on: 22/10/2018

All of the jewellery pieces we wear today, regardless of how modern they are, have been inspired by history in some way or another. A good example of this is with our wedding rings. The idea of a 'wedding ring' actually dates back to ancient Egyptian times, when people would exchange braided rings of reeds between each other.

Some of us may prefer a contemporary, up-to-date take on diamond rings and jewellery, but some of us like to take a more traditional approach and opt for a vintage aesthetic with our diamond rings, diamond jewellery and general style choices.

If you want to get the vintage look, then read on, because we're about to highlight our favourite vintage-inspired diamond cluster rings...

Classic Gemstone and Diamond Cluster Rings

What better place to start than with colourful gemstone rings? If you're a lover of gemstones then a classic gemstone and diamond cluster ring is the perfect choice! The well-known ruby, sapphire and emerald are traditional colours that are still popular today, and it just so happens that they capture the vintage look effortlessly.

The ruby symbolises love, enthusiasm and strength. The emerald represents fidelity, goodness and love. The sapphire signifies serenity and health, and is a popular colour amongst the British Royal Family. Princess Diana picked out a very well-loved beautiful blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which is now worn on the finger of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, as her engagement ring.

1. 18ct Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring
2. 9ct Gold Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring
3. 9ct Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Twist Cluster Ring

Sparkling Diamond Cluster Rings

These sparkling diamond cluster rings do nothing less than stun. Worn to make a statement, diamond cluster rings are popular engagement rings for those who want to wear the vintage look 24/7. With hints of glamour and glitz from the 1920s, any lady would be lucky to wear one of these on her finger!

1. 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring
2. 9ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring
3. 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Feminine Diamond Halo Cluster Rings

These diamond halo cluster rings radiate a feminine, art-deco feel that still has a very high place in fashion today. As a top engagement ring trend this year, celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson all received halo engagement rings at one point.

Dating back to the Georgian era, the chic diamond halo ring features a show-stopping single diamond or cluster of diamonds at the centre, surrounded by a 'halo' of smaller stones.

1. 9ct White Gold Diamond Halo Cluster Ring
2. 9ct Gold Diamond Trilogy Halo Cluster Ring
3. 9ct Gold Pear Diamond Halo Cluster Ring

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