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4 Jewellery Organisation And Storage Ideas To Inspire You

Posted on: 25/06/2020

When it comes to organising our precious jewellery collections, most of us have some form of system that allows us to pick and choose our jewellery. Throughout our lives, the precious jewellery that we collect and keep means that our collection is only going to get bigger and bigger as we get older. Meaning that we always need more space and more ways to organise. 

The way you organise your jewellery depends on your preferences. For example, you might have a large collection and you want to see every single piece. Or you might have a small, valuable collection so you want to keep your jewellery under lock and key. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to keep track of jewellery if it is not organised to perfection.

If you’re looking at updating how you store your jewellery, then keep scrolling for 4 jewellery organisation and storage ideas to inspire you…


The Jewellery Box

We’re pretty sure that most of you have owned or used one of these before. You may have one yourself or maybe you’ve nosed through a friend or family members before (let’s be honest, it’s fun to have a nose through someone’s collection!)

The jewellery box is a classic, no fuss way to keep your items safe and secure. From bracelets to rings and watches to necklaces, you a good jewellery box has plenty of compartments for all your precious pieces. Jewellery boxes also come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, so it can fit to your collection and your living space with ease.


The Drawer

Organising jewellery in a drawer is becoming a more and more popular way to store jewellery. This is perfect if you have a large collection or if you like to see every single piece you own at one time. If you have lots of drawer space then why not turn your drawer into a jewellery storage drawer? They look totally Pinterest-worthy too! 

(Best accessories Pinterest)

(RSLittleHouse Etsy)

The Jewellery Display

If you’re proud of your ever growing, beautiful jewellery collection, then this one is for you. Display your gorgeous jewels for all to see on a wall display and hang them up so they don’t get tangled or mixed.

If you have a small space with no room for a jewellery box or drawer, displaying them on a wall is a creative solution. Plus, it will add your own personality to the walls of your room. A display you created.

(Dwell Beautiful Pinterest)

(My Side Of The Garage Pinterest)

The Jewellery Dish

This one is for those who love to get crafty. You could create your own little jewellery dish (there are soooo many tutorials on Pinterest for this) to make it personal, or you could repurpose an old one that you have stored away.

Jewellery dishes are really handy to store your most worn jewellery in because they’re really accessible. You can organise different dishes with rings, earrings bracelets and even watches. You could organise items by metal, colour, stone or design. The possibilities are endless.

(Leslie Ponder Studios)

Have you tried any of these jewellery storage ideas? Tag us in your jewellery collection pictures on Instagram and we’ll share our favourites. 

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