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Brand Spotlight - Calvin Klein

Posted on: 05/08/2019

When Calvin Richard Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz teamed up back in 1968, they had no idea that they were about to create one of the most iconic brands of all time – Calvin Klein. The brand was first famous for their underwear and jeans, creating minimalist pieces that were advertised in provocative ways. A passer by would find it hard not to have their attention drawn to a close by Calvin Klein advert. The brand has now dominated most, if not all, of the fashion and accessory market across the world. 

The Calvin Klein Brand Today

Since 1968 the brand has come a long way, but some things remain the same. As times have changed and fashion trends have done their rounds the Calvin Klein brand still stands strong, staying true to the clean and minimal designs that the brand is known for.

Calvin Klein Watches

In 1997 Calvin Klein collaborated with the Swatch Group to create the first ever Calvin Klein timepieces. Some say that Calvin Klein stared the fashion accessory watch trend, with other popular fashion brands following suit not long after. Calvin Klein watches boast swiss-made quality and value for money along with all the elements of the Calvin Klein brand from modern precise design to comfort and simplicity. 

The simplicity of Calvin Klein timepieces has done nothing but push the brand even further. The minimal aesthetic appeals to all tastes and most of the pieces are unisex in appearance. There are over 200 Calvin Klein watch models in more than 60 countries across the globe, so lovers of the brand can wear them anywhere at any time. 

Calvin Klein timepieces are well-known for their comfort, everyday wear ability and their swiss quality that offers everything you could ever want in a timepiece. Fusing practicality and comfort with fashion and elegance, Calvin Klein watches really do have it all. 

Calvin Klein K7A231L6 Rise White Leather Strap Watch - W8949
Calvin Klein K4D21346 Classic Too Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - W8960
Calvin Klein K2G2G14Q City Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - W8964

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