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Choosing a Wedding Gift for Your Other Half

Posted on: 30/04/2021

A gorgeous gift, that has been specially selected by yourself, is the perfect way to show how much your partner means to you on your wedding day. Jewellery is an excellent option, however, you may be stuck for ideas on which item to purchase. This is precisely why we’ve created this article.

We aim to provide you with trusted tips on the many different aspects of your big day while helping you find exquisite pieces to treasure forever. So, read on to let us do exactly that.

A Prime Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a timeless present for your partner, which could be worn during your ceremony or kept as a keepsake.

Select the style according to their skin tone and what colours they will be wearing on the day.
Choose a yellow or rose gold plated item, or opt for a silver-tone stainless steel version to match their platinum, palladium and white gold jewellery. The choice is all yours.

It can be easily engraved, too. Arrange for your wedding date to be embossed on the front face, as a lasting reminder of your special day.


An Opulent Necklace

Complete their outfit with a stunning necklace; what’s better is, this can be their “something new”.

We offer a wide selection of dazzling necklaces that your partner will adore. Although, you must consider what they plan to wear on your wedding day before you make your purchase. 

Since it’s deemed as bad luck, you might not want to see their ensemble until you both walk down the aisle. So, get in touch with the bridesmaids or groomsmen for some extra help. This ensures that you pick the correct coloured metal and stone to pair with their wedding attire.


A Beautiful Bracelet

Bracelets are such an elegant accessory that can be worn on countless occasions, including the most important: your wedding day. 

Consider your beloved’s birthday when choosing a bracelet, to find a striking piece that features their birthstone. For instance, if they are born in June, a dainty freshwater pearl number is ideal. 


Gold Sovereign Coins

Perhaps you are looking to buy a present that is also an investment. In this case, a full or half gold sovereign coin is a fantastic gift. The coin can either be mounted into a ring or displayed on its own, in all of its sheer brilliance.

Buying your other half a sovereign coin could be the start of their collection, too. Simply purchase one each year on your wedding anniversary and watch it grow.


Engrave Your Chosen Gift

Transform your present by getting both of your initials, your wedding date or any preferred details engraved on it. This adds a unique and sentimental touch to the piece you have in mind.

We don’t offer this service online, but you can bring your chosen item to one of our stores and we’ll organise this service for you.


Source Sublime Accessories 

Order from our remarkable range of wedding jewellery, now, to truly treat your other half on the day of your dreams. Then, read through our helpful articles for further inspiration.

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