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Engagement Rings of the British Royal Family - Get the Look

Posted on: 29/09/2019

It's a very special moment when a member of the British Royal Family announces their engagement. The whole world becomes excited, and we’re up in arms with speculation about what the engagement ring is going to look like. The royal engagement quickly becomes the hottest topic wherever we go.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big wedding at Windsor Castle being such a success we thought it was time we had a closer look at the past engagement rings of the British Royal Family. If you’ve taken a fancy to any royal engagement rings in the past and want to get a similar look then read on for our recommendations!

Meghan Markle

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May is going to be one of the biggest events of 2018. Harry and Meghan gained worldwide attention when they announced their engagement in November last year and we've been super excited ever since!

(Image credits: ABC News)

Following true royal tradition, Prince Harry actually designed Meghan's beautiful yellow gold diamond trilogy ring himself over a 6-month period...and what an excellent job he did!

Since the announcement, trilogy rings are truly back in the limelight and we hope they're going to stay because they have such a lovely meaning behind them. Trilogy rings contain three unique stones that represent something very special - the Past, the Present and the Future. How romantic! Harry chose 3 perfect diamonds for Meghan’s ring and decided to set them on a traditional yellow gold band that really makes those big diamonds stand out.

Our recommendations to get Meghan Markle's engagement ring look:


Princess Eugenie of York

This British royal engagement announcement also came as quite the surprise! Princess Eugenie and her husband to be Jack Brooksbank had been dating for 7 years before they announced their engagement in January this year. Their wedding date is set to take place this year on 12th October - two royal weddings in one year, how lucky are we?!

(Image credit: Getty)

Jack didn't actually propose with Eugenie's final engagement ring as they were on holiday in Spain, but he'd already purchased an oval-cut padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring beforehand. He definitely knew what he wanted! After the two returned from their romantic trip they worked together to design the final ring, which includes the pink sapphire surrounded by a sleek halo of diamonds. To add the finishing touches to this unique royal engagement ring, they added two diamonds set on the shoulders of the yellow gold band.

Our recommendations to get Princess Eugenie's engagement ring look:

Princess Beatrice of York

Congratulations to Princess Beatrice and her husband-to-be Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi! Buckingham Palace announced the wonderful news on  26th October 2019 and the nation was obviously overjoyed.

Following in Prince Harry’s footsteps, Mr Mapelli Mozzi chose to take part in the design of the ring himself by working with British jewellery designer Shaun Leane. Speaking to Professional Jeweller, Shaun Leane confirms that the ring is designed in platinum with a 3.5ct brilliant cut diamond in the centre, finished by tapered baguette diamond shoulders. The ring was crafted by hand in the Shaun Leane Mayfair atelier and is set with excellent-cut GIA certified diamonds of the highest colour and clarity.

Our recommendations to get Princess Beatrice's engagement ring look:

Princess Diana of Wales and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

The engagement ring of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton definitely holds a special story, and it's one we're always happy to hear about! William chose to give his mother's engagement ring to Kate because he saw it as a way to continue Diana's legacy.

(Image Credit: Getty)

After Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana in 1981, Diana chose this unique ring herself. She was a great lover of jewellery and gemstones, so it only seemed natural for her to choose an engagement ring with a striking 12ct blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. Even though it caused controversy at the time, it inspired many women to choose sapphire engagement rings and jewellery, and this love was increased even further when William gave Diana's ring to Kate when he proposed to her in 2010.

Our recommendations to get Princess Diana's and Kate Middleton's engagement ring look:

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip met in 1934 at a wedding and they instantly bonded with each other. After meeting a couple more times at weddings and special events, Elizabeth and Philip fell in love with each other in 1939. Although Elizabeth was only 13 years old when this happened, the two started to send romantic letters to each other. In 1946 Philip proposed to Elizabeth, but this remained a secret as she was still only 20 years old. The two publicly announced their engagement the following year after the Queen turned 21.

(Image credit: Left - Getty, Right - Tim Graham)

Philip chose to design Queen Elizabeth's ring himself using the diamonds taken from his mothers (Princess Alice of Batternberg) tiara. For the design he opted for an extravagant round cut diamond sitting in between two clusters of smaller diamonds - a timeless choice! The stones were set into beautiful bright platinum, choosing nothing but the best for the future Queen!

Our recommendations to get Queen Elizabeth II engagement ring look:

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Although Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have been divorced for over 21 years now, it would be wrong for us not to talk about Sarah's bold engagement ring. Parents of the newly engaged Princess Eugenie, Andrew and Sarah announced their engagement in March 1986.

(Image credit: Getty)

The two had known each other since childhood, so Prince Andrew knew exactly how to impress Sarah. He designed the ring himself, choosing a striking Burmese ruby as the main stone to complement Sarah's equally as striking red hair. Surrounding the ruby was a halo of 10 diamonds set onto a yellow gold band.

Our recommendations to get Sarah Ferguson's engagement ring look:

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla's engagement ring is yet another memorable royal engagement ring. As a family heirloom, it was originally owned by the Queen Mother and was given to Camilla as an engagement ring by Prince Charles in 2005.

(Image credit: Getty)

It's one of the biggest engagement rings ever to be worn by the British Royal Family, and it gained a lot of attention for its art-deco look. The ring, which is set in platinum, contains a large emerald cut diamond with two baguette diamonds either side - sort of like an art-deco trilogy ring!

Our recommendations to get Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's engagement ring look:

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

Queen Elizabeth's sister Princess Margaret announced her engagement to photographer and filmmaker Antony Armstrong-Jones in February 1960. The announcement was probably the most shocking in British royal engagement history because she accepted the proposal a day after her previous fiancé, Peter Townsend, left her for another woman. The relationship between Antony and Margaret is said to have been very well concealed, which most will agree with!

(Image credit: Unknown)

In designing Margaret's engagement ring, Antony was inspired by Margaret's middle name 'rose' and wanted the ring to look like a rosebud. Three pretty rubies were set onto the ring, followed by smaller diamonds create an elegant look.

Our recommendations to get Princess Margaret's engagement ring look:

Wallis Simpson

One of the most shocking royal engagements has to be the engagement of Edward, Prince of Wales, and Wallis Simpson, a socialite from the US. Edward and Wallis became lovers in 1934 and he proposed to her in 1936. Neither the church or the government were happy about their relationship as their affair was starting to get in the way of Edward's official duties. He was the nominal head of the Church of England, which at the time did not allow people to re-marry if their ex-spouses were still alive - Wallis had been divorced twice.

(Image credit: Getty)

On the announcement of their engagement, the church and the government continued to oppose their relationship, but Edward didn't care. He loved her and he intended to marry her whether he had government approval or not, which lead to his abdication on 10th December 1936.

This dramatic love story can only have a dramatic ring to match – Edward chose a 19.77ct emerald gemstone surrounded by a halo of single diamonds set into yellow gold. The band was made personal when Edward had the words "we are ours now" engraved on the band.

Our recommendations to get Wallis Simpson's engagement ring look:

Which British Royal engagement ring do you prefer?

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