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Graduation Gift Guide

Posted on: 13/06/2019

It’s graduation season already! We can’t believe another year has gone by so fast. As graduation season begins, we get to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our loved ones and watch them graduate. These hopeful students have studied hard (no pain, no gain!) and they’re now starting to see their hard work pay off. Soon they’ll be taking the next step on the career ladder and pursuing their wildest dreams and we’re so happy for them.

If you’re really proud of someone who’s graduating this year then you’ve just got to let them know how well they’ve done. Why not get them a gift that they’ll cherish for years to come that reminds them of their hard work?

As a jeweller who's been on the UK high-street for over 160 years, we have quite a lot of experience when it comes to finding unique and personal graduation gifts for our customers. Here are our top recommendations...

Elegant Timepieces

Timepieces don’t just look beautiful, they’re practical and help the wearer keep time during their busy lives. There’s no doubt that your graduate is going to be rushed off their feet when they start their new job, so anything that helps them keep time will be greatly appreciated. 

If your loved one likes the classic look, then we recommend brands like Citizen and Rotary for their sleek design elements and their vintage feel. If the graduate prefers something modern you could go for a smartwatch or a brand like Skagen or Hugo. If they’re into their fashion brands then you could go for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Armani Exchange.

Sophisticated Pens

It’s not always suitable to bring a laptop or tablet to a meeting, and getting a mobile phone out to write notes on can look unprofessional. Sometimes we have no option other than to use a good old-fashioned trusty pen, and that’s amazing. Pens are still so useful, especially when you need to remember something in a hurry or if you’re out and about. A sophisticated writing instrument makes a thoughtful gift for a graduate who loves to write notes and is always on the go.

Parker and Cross create elegant writing instruments that any graduate would love to receive.

Special Jewellery Pieces

We don’t need to explain how jewellery pieces make special and personal gifts. Everyone loves jewellery and there really is something to suit every taste. From bracelets for him to bangles for her, there’s so much choice. 

Graduation charms make a wonderful gift for someone who loves collecting charms. A graduation day is an important life milestone so it only makes sense to give a cute little graduation charm!

A precious diamond necklace or pair of diamond earrings would also be a lovely gift that the graduate can wear in their daily lives that reminds them of all of their hard work. 

Meaningful Graduation Gifts

From graduation photo frames to certificate holders, we have 100s of graduation gift ideas on our website for you to browse through. If the graduate is moving to a new city and wants to make things feel more homely then a photo frame would add that personal touch. Or you could even opt for a watch box or jewellery box so that your loved one can keep their precious items safe, secure and organised.

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