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How long will you wait for your dream wedding?

Posted on: 26/04/2021

After a year of disappointment for those looking to plan their perfect wedding day, the government’s roadmap out of lockdown is finally showing some light at the end of the tunnel for the country’s engaged couples.

However, with experts predicting that social distancing measures such as face masks and limited numbers in venues may be kept in place far beyond the current lockdown roadmap, couples may have to wait even longer if they are dreaming of a big wedding.

These restrictive measures, combined with a bookings backlog from 2020, means that couples may have to choose between waiting years for their dream wedding, or making changes to their big day in order for it to take place this year or early next year.

According to data from Bridebook, the number of couples returning to their platform to resume their wedding planning rose by 720 per cent once the lockdown easing roadmap was announced, with 2022 set to see 1,000,000 people tying the knot.

With many couples looking at the tough decision of a longer wait to head down the aisle versus a different wedding day then they imagined, we asked 2,000 engaged couples what they will prioritise. We also asked wedding guests how they expect to feel about a vastly different wedding landscape moving forward.

How long will you wait? 

The research shows that when it comes to their wedding day, the majority of couples are in no mood to wait in order to celebrate their love. Almost one in three UK engaged couples (30%) are already changing their wedding plans in order to get married in 2021, while a further third will delay it no later than 2022 if it means they could have their dream wedding.

Almost a quarter of couples (23%) would be open to a delayed wedding day, but no later than 2023, signalling that the pressure on securing a wedding venue booking will continue to be an issue for those looking to get married sooner rather than later.

Only 15% of couples would be willing to wait until 2024 or later in order to have a large wedding in their preferred venue.

For those couples not willing to wait, decisions will need to be made in order to move forward with their wedding day in a slightly different manner than originally intended.

From guests lists, receptions and even wedding dates, many couples are facing tough choices on what stays and what goes when it comes to their big day.

We have hidden 13 elements of a wedding day that couples are planning to get rid of in order to get married as soon as possible, can you spot all the key decisions facing those planning a wedding in under the average time of 45 seconds it takes to pinpoint them all?

What Gets Cut?

When it comes to the elements of their big day that couples are willing to cut in order to get married sooner rather than later, it looks like smaller midweek weddings will become more popular in the coming years. 

The majority of couples (55%) are happy to give up having a large wedding (150+ guests) in order to get married as soon as possible, with a further 42% happy to have fewer than 60 guests in order to get married as soon as possible. 

The vast majority of couples (84%) would also sacrifice getting married on a Friday or Saturday in order to get married in 2021. 

Those looking to jet off abroad are also changing their plans to a domestic day, with almost a third of engaged couples (32%) happy to give up their planned foreign wedding day in order to get married sooner. 

With space and venues potentially limited due to demand, many couples are looking at different options when it comes to the setting of their big day. Venues with no capacity to offer a formal wedding breakfast will become an option for over a quarter of couples (28%), who are happy to do away with a formal sit-down meal. 

With all these elements of their wedding day up for change, a quarter of couples are looking to change their preferred wedding venue to another bookable venue, with one in five couples even looking to have an at home/garden wedding.

However, with a change of venue, also comes the issue of cutting down the guest list. For those worrying about the tough choices of who to cut, our research suggests that many potential wedding guests may not be as worried about missing the big day as you would think.

Cutting the Guest List Down

Couples agonising over who to cut from their guestlists may not have to worry, with 80% of respondents saying they will not miss having to attend numerous weddings each year. 

The research shows that people attended at least two weddings a year as a guest prior to March 2020, but only have an average of one wedding a year in their calendars moving forward. 

The most common reasons people gave for not minding being cut from a wedding guest list were centred around time and cost saving. 
Over a third (38%) of respondents said they will not miss having to buy new outfits for each wedding, 36% won’t miss having to buy a wedding gift and 33% are happy to avoid attending weddings that require overnight accommodation too.

So, whether you are currently making some hard choices when it comes to your big day, or even looking to push the wedding back for a number of years in order to have the day of your dreams, it is important to do what is right for you and your partner to make your day special.

Brainteaser Answers

Large Guest List (150+) 
Medium Guest List (60 -150 Guests) 
Getting married on a Saturday 
Getting married on a Friday 
Formal sit-down meal  
Having a wedding reception after the ceremony  
Having a dancefloor at the reception  
Having a band and or DJ at the reception  
Changing my preferred wedding venue to an at home/garden wedding  
Wedding cake at the reception  
Buying new outfits 
Wedding gifts 
Overnight accommodation

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