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Lockdown Jewellery Quiz - 10 Jewellery-Related Questions for your weekly Houseparty or Zoom quiz

Posted on: 28/04/2020

We’re now in our 5th week of lockdown and we’ve all been forced to think of ways to socialize and spend time with our friends and family from our sofas. Thankfully Zoom, Houseparty, and FaceTime have been there to rescue us. 

We’ve rediscovered the fun of a quiz, and we’ve probably been involved in a couple of ‘general knowledge’ pub-style quizzes, but now it’s time to try something different…

Why not jazz up your quiz this week with some jewellery-related questions? 

Show off your sparkle knowledge. Here are ten questions you could use…


Question 1:

Finish the song lyric – ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best…’

Question 2:

Princess Diana picked out her own engagement ring – what iconic blue gemstone took centre stage? 

Question 3:

The pearl is the only gemstone to come from a living creature? What creature is this?

Question 4:

What is the jewellery hallmark for 9ct gold? A) 375 B) 750 C) 916

Question 5:

Traditionally, on which hand does an engagement or wedding ring go?

Question 6:

Diamond is the birthstone for what month?

Question 7:

What year did pearl harbour take place?

Question 8:

What gemstone did the Kaiser Chiefs sing about in 2006?

Question 9:

How many interlocking rings are in the Olympics logo?

Question 10:

What stone did Rihanna sing about in 2012?

Scroll down for the answers.



Question 1 Answer:


Question 2 Answer:


Question 3 Answer:

An oyster. The pearl is a part of an oyster’s defence mechanism.

Question 4 Answer:

A) 375. 375 = 9ct gold. 

Question 5 Answer:

The left. 

Question 6 Answer:


Question 7 Answer:


Question 8 Answer:


Question 9 Answer:


Question 10 Answer:



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