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Must Have Jewellery And Watches For Your Back To Work Wardrobe

Posted on: 24/08/2020

As September approaches we are all preparing to go back to work and school. We’ve stopped thinking about what comfy joggers and socks we’re going to lounge in and started thinking about what we’re going to wear for work instead.

There’s no doubt you’ll be feeling a little bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to wearing “normal” clothes again, so maybe it’s time you gave your wardrobe a little refresh.

We’re all guilty of buying new clothes when we feel like we need to change things up, but this can be hard with workwear because you want to feel comfortable and stylish. Instead, why not opt for jewellery and watches that give you confidence, fit perfectly first time and let your personality shine through?

Refresh your work wardrobe with these jewellery box must haves…


A Classic Pair Of Gold Earrings

We’ve noticed that our customers are loving yellow gold at the moment and we don’t blame them. The warm shades look beautiful in all seasons, especially summer and autumn, and the classy feel of gold levels up any outfit. Whether you prefer to dress up or down for work, a pair of classic gold earrings adds a professional yet stylish twist.





A Practical Watch

There’s no denying it, a watch is a work staple. We always need to keep track of time so we don’t miss important meetings or projects, and we don’t want to be late for any after work tasks! It’s easy to be stylish with watches because there are so many wonderful brands and models to choose from. Choose a watch you love and wear it with confidence.




A Dainty Necklace

Tie everything together with a dainty necklace that portrays who you are. Whether you prefer some sparkle or something simple, choose a charm or pendant that suits you and add personality to your outfit.




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