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Our Favourite Wedding Themes for 2021

Posted on: 30/04/2021

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting activities a couple can do together. However, before you begin refining the smaller details, you and your partner might want to decide on a theme. 

Choosing a specific theme can help everything else fall into place, making the entire process much simpler for the two of you. So, read on to uncover our favourite wedding themes for 2021. Even if these suggestions don’t suit your tastes, you can take some inspiration from our ideas and start from there.


Small and Intimate

Recently, couples everywhere have adjusted to the new wedding guest rules that were introduced by the Government. Moving forward, romantic pairs may continue this trend by selecting a smaller service, only inviting their nearest and dearest.

There is a wealth of ways to create an intimate atmosphere, one being to personalise the event itself. With fewer people in attendance, you could hold your wedding party at a non-traditional venue such as a beloved restaurant or in your family home. Plus, you can toy with personalised place settings for each of your guests.


Rustic and Outdoorsy

We believe that outdoor venues are going to remain popular for a while and luckily, a rustic wedding will pair perfectly with that. 

This is a favoured theme for many couples, yet the genre is fairly broad. So, you can really put your own spin on it; making it special to you. We love mixing wooden textures with white decorations, as well as a scattering of wildflowers and fairy lights.


Rose Gold Details

For some couples, deciding on a theme is as simple as choosing a colour palette, which they can then plan the whole day around. Rose gold is currently one of the most favoured colours. For those of you who truly adore pink hues, we have a beautiful collection of rose gold wedding rings. Although, lavender has also seen a recent rise in popularity. 

Once you’ve chosen your preferred colour scheme, you can match the flowers, cake, invitations and table arrangements around it, ensuring everything ties together nicely. 


Glamour in the 1920s

When we think about the roaring 20s, we picture style, indulgence and glamour - all of which you will envisage for your own wedding. 

It’s easy to incorporate this theme into finer details, like the invites and decorations, as well as larger elements of the day. For instance, you could have a speakeasy-style bar, where guests use certain code words to order alcoholic drinks.

There’s no harm in opting for an unthemed wedding ceremony if you’re more of a traditionalist at heart. Simply celebrate afterwards with a 1920s soiree that would put Gatsby to shame. 

Alternatively, you could merge several features of the 20s into your wedding, without adhering to the dress code. Imagine a champagne fountain, jazz music and a vintage car ready to whisk you both away.


Festival Fun

Most of us have been unable to attend our favourite festivals and outdoor events over the past year, and this is a fun way to turn your wedding day into one. 

If you’re worried about the weather, hire a gazebo or a large wedding tent. This will protect you and your guests from potential rainfall, while also adding to the festival atmosphere. Perhaps arrange for a live band to perform, and rather than choosing a sit-down meal, hire one or two food trucks to serve your guests.


Plan Your Perfect Day

Now that you’ve started planning for the day of your dreams, ensure you sift through our range of gorgeous wedding rings. Then, browse our blog for more helpful wedding day posts.

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