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Pretty Love Heart Necklaces Perfect for Valentine's Day

Posted on: 28/01/2019

Couples across the globe are starting to prepare for the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day! Those of us who celebrate this special day will have lots of things to think about such as deciding where to go, what to wear and, most importantly, what gift to buy for our significant other. With the whole day dedicated to the celebration of romance the love heart symbol is going to be everywhere, so why not join in and wear them for your Valentine’s Day date or gift one to your partner?

About the Love Heart Symbol

We recognise the love heart easily, but why do we associate the love heart with emotional love? Well, the love heart is a symbol that represents the physical heart, which is known to be the centre of emotion, affection and love. When we think of love we usually think of romance, but the love heart symbol doesn’t just represent romantic love, it refers to all types of love such as the love between family members and friends. Love heart jewellery pieces really do make beautiful gifts for anyone!

Pretty Love Heart Necklaces

Less really is more, and dainty jewellery is expected to be the main jewellery trend this year. Pretty heart necklaces definitely fit in the "dainty jewellery" category, so you know that you're gifting something that's on-trend too.

Say "I love you" with our pretty love heart necklace picks:

9ct Rose Gold Floating Heart Necklace

9ct Gold Floating Heart Necklace

9ct Gold Heart Cubic Zirconia Necklace

9ct Gold Two Colour One In a Million Pink Diamond Heart Necklace

Fiorelli P4121 Silver and Rose Gold Plated Triple Heart Necklace

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