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Six Reasons To Take A Staycation In 2020

Posted on: 04/08/2020

With the very unexpected events of 2020 most of our holiday plans have been thrown out of the window. Due to the effects of COVID-19 many of us are now unable to visit our favourite holiday destinations abroad. This news has left many of us feeling sad because we have nothing to look forward to. But just because we can’t go abroad doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a holiday!

Instead of looking outside of the UK for a holiday destination, why not look inside? In fact, why not look at the very area or country in which you live in?

Many Brits have now decided to have their holiday close to home, taking what is more commonly known as a ‘staycation’.

Here are six reasons why you should take a staycation in 2020… 


1. Support Local Businesses

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in some way, including the economy, our favourite local businesses and independents around the UK. If you take a staycation, you’ll be spending your money locally, which means that you’ll be helping those businesses to get back on their feet after lockdown. In turn, the money you spend will be an investment into your local area. 

2. Save Money

Taking a staycation also means that you won’t be spending as much money as you would going abroad. Think about it – there’s no hotel, food, flights or baggage to pay for. Many of those who take a staycation do so on foot, or by public transport or car, so there are no significant travel expenses. This will save you some money, and leave you some extra to treat yourself to something sparkly because you deserve it! 

3. Less Hassle

One of the most stressful things about going on holiday abroad is making sure you get to your destination. With a staycation, there’s no worrying about getting to the airport in the middle of the night, no check-in queues or waits, no packing, passport or document stress. There’s also no time difference, so you can take your time and focus on enjoying yourself.


4. Learn And Discover Your Local Area

Many of us are so keen to travel abroad before actually discovering the local area in which we live in. A staycation allows you to see how beautiful your home really is. Did you know that UK is home to 31 World Heritage Sites, almost 50 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and thousands of world-famous tourist attractions, not to mention breath-taking scenery too. On a staycation you can get to know your local area, which can turn into potential future trips too. 

5. You Don’t Need As Much Time Off Work

When you go abroad, you usually end up taking at least 10 days off work which might not leave many days left for the other things you want to do. The flights and time difference usually make you tired too, so you may even need to take an additional day off to recoup before going back to work. With a staycation this isn’t an issue at all, you can get more done in a smaller amount of time, leaving more days for you to relax and recoup if you need to! 

6. You Can Involve Family

It’s often impractical to book a holiday abroad that involves your whole family, which is sad because we all want to spend more time with family members. If you stayed in the UK, you could combine your staycation with a visit to see family, or you could even ask them to join you on your tourist adventures.

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