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Sorry Seems To Be An Expensive Word

Posted on: 15/11/2019

Have you or your partner ever forgotten a significant anniversary or birthday? Had to purchase an expensive gift to make up for it? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here at F.Hinds, we've decided to look into the reasons people turn to gifts to apologise, and what they buy.


Forget me not?

We've all been guilty of forgetting the odd date night or doctor's appointment, but how often do we forget the bigger things? If your wedding anniversary or partner's big birthday has ever slipped your mind, perhaps you can take comfort from the face that it's one of the top three reasons why people buy their significant other a gift to apologise, with 36% of people we surveyed stating that they had done this. Not giving your partner enough attention came in second (24%) and shockingly, cheating or having an affair came in a close third (20%).


Who has more of a guilty conscience? 

In the age old debate, who do you think would spend the most money on an “I’m sorry” gift? Our research found that men are 10% more likely than women to purchase a gift to apologise for cheating (25% v 15%), with women almost twice as likely to buy a gift to say sorry for not giving their partner enough attention (30% v 17%). 

If you made a mistake and are looking to make up for it, how much would you be willing to spend to put a smile back on their face? We found that women are more likely to splash the cash when they’re in the wrong, spending on average £61.26 to apologise, while men on the other hand only spend £32.76 in comparison. 


So, what are we buying? 

What would you gift your significant other if you had to say sorry? Would it be dependent on the indiscretion? Would you spend more if you had been caught cheating, over forgetting a wedding anniversary? This appears to be the case, as those who admitted to having an affair spent on average around £289.79 on jewellery to say they were sorry, while those who forgot an important date still went for jewellery, but only spent £82.64 in comparison. 

Chocolates appear to be thought of as a more appropriate gift for not doing a household chore and for those who didn’t come home when they said they would, with the average spend for this particular misdemeanour being £6.93.

Those who stay out all night seem to think that flowers are the best way to say sorry, but with an average spend of only £18.42, perhaps these are petrol station flowers on the way home?


Location, location, location

It seems as though it’s not just our gender that makes a difference to what we’d buy and how much we’d spend if we had to apologise. If you’re a jewellery lover, you’re in luck if you live in Belfast – your loved one is among those most likely to say they’re sorry with a sparkly new piece of jewellery (50%). Whereas those who live in Sheffield are the most likely to make it up to their partner with a lovely bouquet of flowers (54%).

Does age really matter?

As we grow older and our relationships transform from lustful beginnings to a long-lasting and much deeper kind of love, are we more likely to spend more or splash out on extravagant types of gifts to say we’re sorry?

According to our research, jewellery is the number one apology gift for 25-34 year olds (24%); with the sparkly stuff also being popular for the 45-54-year-old age group. It does seem to be however, that the older we grow, the less fixated we are on everlasting things, with those aged over 55 being the most likely age group to say sorry with flowers (31% for 55-64 year olds and 32% for 66+).

Multiple ways to say you’re sorry

Whether you’ve forgotten your anniversary or simply haven’t emptied the dishwasher, you can say you’re sorry with the perfect gift from F.Hinds. No matter if your significant other would prefer a bracelet, necklace or a sparkly new ring, we have something for everyone in our extensive and exquisite collection.

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