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The Top Engagement Ring Styles For 2021 | Engagement Ring Style Trends

Posted on: 16/02/2021

As your local trusted jeweller, we’re always keeping out eyes out for what the top engagement ring style trends will be. We get so excited when we help our customers to find their perfect engagement ring because they symbolise such a happy time in a couple’s life. The sparkling diamonds and beautiful styles are just an added bonus! Introducing the top engagement ring styles that are destined for popularity in 2021...


Solitaire Engagement Rings / Single Stone Engagement Rings

Featuring one single stone, the diamond in a solitaire engagement ring stands alone, and is usually held in place by four or more claws.  Solitaire engagement rings always look striking, as lots of light is able to pass through the diamond making it sparkle and glisten. Diamond solitaire engagement rings truly are timeless classics.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Perfect for someone who just can’t get enough sparkle, halo engagement rings can feature a show-stopping single diamond or a cluster of diamonds at the centre surrounded by a ‘halo’ of smaller stones. The surrounding diamonds complement the centre stone(s) beautifully, without detracting any attention. With an art-deco yet modern feel, diamond halo engagement rings have been popular amongst sparkle-lovers since the 1920s!

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Trilogy Engagement Rings / Three Stone Engagement Rings


Trilogy engagement rings are known for their strong link to romance. With three stones set in a line, each one symbolises something very special - the past, the present and the future. Trilogy engagement rings are perfect for romantic types because the three stones can also represent the words 'I Love You'. They've been popular amongst diamond-lovers for decades and even the British Royal Family loves them - Prince Harry actually proposed to Meghan Markle with a yellow gold diamond trilogy ring, designed by himself!

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Cluster Engagement Rings / Multi-Stone Engagement Rings

A cluster engagement ring contains a number of stones that are grouped together to form a 'cluster'. This can also include halo, trilogy and two-stone rings, as well as other unique styles like flower clusters or heart clusters. Since there are so many stones in a diamond cluster engagement ring, each diamond catches the light as the ring moves creating a breath-taking glisten. Cluster engagement rings boast the ultimate sparkle!

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