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Men's Watch Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

If you’re travelling this spring or taking a well-deserved break this summer then you’re going to need a watch to match. From classic watch designs with a twist to minimal sleek timepieces, here are the biggest Men’s watch trends for spring and summer 2018.
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All About Promise Rings

What is a promise ring? Why does someone give a promise ring? Who do you give a promise ring to? Does a promise ring replace an engagement ring? These are all questions that we’ll answer in this blog post, so read on to find out everything you need to know about promise rings…
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The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Happy Marriage

An engagement ring isn’t just for a marriage proposal, it’s also an important symbol of a couple’s relationship. There’s a lot to think about when you’re choosing an engagement ring for your potential fiancé, and our research suggests that the ring you propose with has a lot more potential than you might think! As we love all things engagements here at F.Hinds, we thought we’d do some research into how a ring could signal the start of a long and happy union…
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Spring and Summer 2018 Jewellery Trends

Even though the British weather has been all over the place the past two weeks, we can't help but get excited for spring and summer anyway! The flowers are beginning to sprout, the clocks have changed and our personalities are starting to feel that little bit more vibrant. With a new season comes new trends, and we can't wait to show you what jewellery trends spring and summer 2018 has to bring us...
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Onsite Jewellery Repairs at F.Hinds Basildon

If you need your jewellery repaired but you don’t have much time, or if you’re looking for some professional jewellery advice, then pop into F.Hinds Basildon! We’ve just opened our jewellery repair workshop, where our qualified jeweller will be onsite 5 days a week to offer you a quick turnaround on all of your jewellery repair needs.
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