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The 5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

From solitaire engagement rings to flower cluster engagement rings, there are a range of different styles to suit every taste. In this blog post we’re going to talk you through the 5 most popular engagement ring styles. So if you want to propose to someone but are unsure of what ring to choose, or if you want to know what ring to start dropping the hints for, then we’ve got you covered! Good luck!
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Looking After Your New Ear Piercings

So you’ve chose your sparkly studs from our lovely selection and you now have two beautiful new ear piercings… so what’s next? Aftercare of course!
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Colourful Gemstone Jewellery for Summer

With the weather being glorious and our summer holidays approaching fast we can’t help but feel happy and uplifted. As soon as the sun comes out we suddenly want to wear our bright clothes, accessories and jewellery pieces so that they can match our mood too! Read our blog post for this summer’s colourful gemstone picks…
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The Most Popular Types of Earrings

We get our ears pierced today because of how beautiful they make us look and feel. Earrings complete any outfit, whether that be for work, leisure or a special occasion. They add symmetry to your look and enhance your outfit by tying everything together. Read our blog post to find out what the most popular types of earrings are today.
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The Language of Modern Romance - A Study

Who says romance is over? These days people are still falling in love, but what has changed is how they express themselves. With this in mind, we decided to conduct a comprehensive survey looking at dating today.
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