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Ear Piercings

Why get your ears pierced with us?

As your local high street jeweller, we have been providing an unrivalled ear piercing service for more than 50 years, beating our competitors on value and quality of service. That is why 25,000 customers choose to have their ears pierced with us every year - all undertaken by one of our 300 fully trained piercers.

At F.Hinds, your health is our top priority. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all staff carrying out ear piercing have been fully trained and tested on their knowledge and practical piercing skills.


The ear piercing service at F.Hinds is completely free with the purchase of an ear piercing package. This package includes a set of sterile Studex piercing earrings which are specially designed for new piercings, plus a bottle of ear care solution designed to maintain a healthy ear after the piercing.

We also provide a free ear check service after 6 weeks to make sure the piercing is healthy. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to visit the store to use your '20% off earrings' voucher which is offered with every piercing from us.

Prices start from £11.99 with a choice of 9ct gold, gold plated and titanium earrings with many different stones including real diamonds (subject to availability in store).


All earrings are pre-sterilised with no contact for loading prior to piercing which ensures a safe, hygienic piercing. The earrings are also manufactured to FDA medical standards and conform to all international regulations on metal content.

Studex piercing earrings are beautiful and quality pieces of jewellery which means that you are not only having a professional piercing, but also purchasing a pair of earrings for life.

The Studex System 75 offers a quiet, gentle piercing with no loud noises for a comfortable piercing experience.


We have over 300 trained piercers across our 115+ branches. Please click here to check our Store Locator to find your nearest F.Hinds branch.* You don't often need an appointment, however to check availability of the branch and piercer, please phone your local store directly.

*There are a small number of stores which don’t offer ear piercings due to licensing constraints. We are unable to offer ear piercing at the following stores: Cambridge, Chelmsley Wood, Dartford, Dover, Gloucester, Lakeside, Solihull, Stevenage & Waltham Cross.

Your health is our priority

If you're thinking of having your ears pierced, it's vital you're assured that those carrying out your piercing take every precaution to ensure the risk of infection is minimised.

We only use the latest equipment which comprises a sterile disposable capsule system. This ensures the earrings themselves are not handled by any customers or staff. The Studex Ear Piercing System 75 is approved by the Environmental Health Association for use in piercing the lobe and upper flat cartilage area of the ear. Studex is the world’s largest supplier of ear piercing equipment. All our branches where piercing is available have been inspected by their local Environmental Health departments and are certificated by them to prove they are eligible to pierce. Please click here to read more about the Studex Ear Piercing System 75.

Aftercare procedures

Looking after your piercing is very important to ensure that you avoid infection. You are advised to leave the piercing earrings in without removing them for at least 6 weeks. For the first 6 months after the healing period, do not go longer than 24 hours without earrings in or the holes may start to close. For proper care of your newly pierced ears, please refer to the following aftercare procedures:

CLEANSE: Cleanse the ear lobe and earrings 2-3 times a day using a clean cotton swab, soaking both sides of the ear with after care solution which is provided with each piercing. If required, further supplies of fluid may be purchased from us in store and online.
TURN: Turn your earrings twice a day. Always clean your hands thoroughly before touching your ear.
CHECK: Ensure the butterfly backs are checked regularly and not pushed too far up the post towards the back of the ear. The earrings are designed to be secure but to allow space to promote healing.

PLEASE NOTE: Minor pain and/or redness may occur immediately after your piercing: this is a normal reaction. The piercing site will settle within the first 48 hours providing adequate aftercare is carried out. Should undue pain, swelling or redness occur at any time please seek medical attention immediately before removing the earring(s).

Other important information

We will not pierce children less than 6 years of age and any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must be able to sign to give their consent. Please note that some of our stores have different age limits for ear piercing, so please contact your local branch first.

Most stores only offer piercing of the ear lobe, however a select few do also offer the service of cartilage piercing. Ear lobe piercing can be the very first piercing or additional piercings such as a second or third lobe piercing, where space allows. Our trained staff will also be able to discuss piercing where an old hole has closed up. We do not pierce other parts of the body such as the nose, eyebrow or belly button due to council licensing laws. However if you have had any of these pierced successfully and healing has completed without any problem, we do stock a wide range of body jewellery which can be found in all stores and online. Please click to view our range of body jewellery.

Contact us...

If we still haven't answered all your questions and worries, please click for more ear piercing FAQs or how about reading our recent Blog post: All About Ear Piercing? Call us on 01895 201040 / 0800 034 4637 or email us at to discuss the service.


Just had your ears pierced or know someone who has? Why not register your piercing to receive your FREE 6 week check up email and your 20% off earrings voucher: