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Gold for Cash

Turn your broken or unwanted jewellery and coins into cash or an F.Hinds Gift Card with our free, no obligation service. We will also buy your unwanted platinum and silver too.*
*Unwanted silver can only be exchanged for money on a Gift Card, not a cash payout.

As a well known high street jeweller trading since 1856 and with over 115 stores across England and Wales, we offer you not only security and confidence, but also one of the highest rates available anywhere on the high street or online. Please put us to the test - we are very happy for you to shop around before committing to us.

We believe that the best option is for you to take your items into one of our stores. This removes any chance of them going astray in the post and saves on the cost of sending - even if you are offered a 'free' posting bag, these cost money which has to come from somewhere, and it's usually your payout!

Head to our Store Locator to find your nearest store. In store you will be able to go through all your treasured items face to face with an expert and get a free estimate with no obligation and no costs involved if you choose not to proceed. All we ask is for you to provide two forms of ID, with at least one being a photo ID.

You may decide to dispose of some items but to keep others; something that's impossible if you use a postal service. We will advise you if we believe something is too valuable to recycle. We will never re-sell any of your items so we would never try to buy something cheaply to make a profit out of it. Our main business is, and always will be, selling new jewellery and our gold scrappage scheme is simply an additional service we offer. We don't have expensive TV adverts to pay for and so can offer far better rates than others you may have heard of. You may like to read about the investigation 'Which?' did into this matter on their website here.

Before going into store, you can get your own free estimate as to the possible scrap value - please use our handy calculator but be aware that this is only a rough estimate as it cannot take into account any gemstones or whether the carat purity and/or weight are correct.

We offer excellent rates for cash and an even higher rate if you would prefer money loaded onto an F.Hinds Gift Card. We guarantee to quote an enhanced offer of around 50% more than our daily cash price if you take an F.Hinds Gift Card. The idea behind this is that you can part exchange your unwanted items for new products that we sell - we guarantee that this Gift Card offer will not be beaten!

Please note that the prices on this form will fluctuate as gold prices change constantly and is therefore subject to change without notice. Please click below to find out lots more about our testing procedure and about gold and platinum.

How to use this form

Enter the weight (in grams) of each carat gold separately. This will indicate the price we will pay for that metal in both cash and vouchers.

For coins enter the number of coins you have and select the coin type.

Please note, if an item is not fully hallmarked, it will need to be acid tested in store before an offer is made and this may leave small marks on the item.

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