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When you replace your watch battery at F.Hinds, for just a small additional price we offer you the option to protect yourself against the cost of future batteries for the lifetime of the watch.

A standard battery change without the Lifetime option starts from £9.95 with the Lifetime option starting from £16.95. Please note that prices may differ depending on the watch and particular battery/batteries required.

Once you have purchased your Lifetime Battery in store, you will receive a small Lifetime Battery certificate which is valid with your till receipt attached. Present these together at any F.Hinds branch and the battery will be changed free of charge if and when the watch stops working. Even if you only need to replace the battery just once more, you will be better off with the F.Hinds Lifetime Battery service.

So why are we doing this? Good question! It will cost us quite a bit of money in future battery sales, but we want to give our customers the best service we can. We are very grateful you chose F.Hinds and we want to be your jeweller: it's as simple as that.

You will be issued a certificate along with your till receipt/e-receipt; you must either register the battery online (or the store can do this on your behalf) and keep your automated confirmation email, OR keep the issued certificate and the original receipt safe. Either one of these will need to be presented for any future replacement batteries required for the specified watch.

Please note:
This is not a guarantee or warranty product and we are not covering future or existing damage to the watch or movement. Some watches have more than one battery in them and this would require the purchase of multiple batteries to cover the watch.

Future batteries cannot be replaced under the lifetime guarantee unless we are presented in store with the certificate and original receipt OR a copy of your digital registration (this can simply be shown on a mobile device).


Most smartwatches have a shorter battery life than other quartz watches (usually under a year), however in line with our policy, we will honour our normal 12 month battery guarantee on these products. Please note that these watches are NOT eligible for the Lifetime Battery cover.

Buying a Loose Watch Battery from F.Hinds

We prefer to fit button batteries (watch cells) to your watch, clock or other item for you. This is because we have specialist tools and training and can minimise the chance of any damage occurring. We also have the ability to dispose of the old battery safely. Button batteries are safe when new and handled correctly; however old batteries may eventually leak and must be disposed of safely (not in general rubbish) and you may return these to us for recycling, which is both environmentally friendly and safe.

Click to read more on the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch website for more information.

WARNING: Do not allow children access to button batteries. If swallowed, they can cause serious injury. If the battery comes into contact with a wet surface, such as in the oesophagus (food pipe), nose or ear it starts to discharge its ‘current’ and begins a chemical reaction, causing significant damage to the surrounding tissue. Within a couple of hours, serious internal burns can occur in the upper chest region, leading to long term problems with breathing and swallowing. The damage can be so significant it can cause death.
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