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“Born beneath the arctic tundra millions of years ago, Canadian diamonds have only recently been discovered and unearthed. Renowned for their purity and beauty, a Canadian diamond will capture your love like no other."

With almost half of all diamonds originating in Central and South Africa, significant mines have recently been discovered in the north of Canada. With a vast potential of undiscovered wealth, Canadian diamonds are revered for their beauty and quality. There are currently three diamond mines located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, all producing large numbers of high quality stones. However, only the best of these diamonds are approved under the Canadian Rocks certificate.

Every rough diamond is unique and must be carefully evaluated to provide the best ‘Canadian Rock’. Each crystal poses a different challenge and it is through a thorough blending of artisanal craft and state of the art technology that your diamond comes to perfect fruition.

One of the privileges of selling diamonds is the involvement we share with customers at extraordinary moments in their life story. Whether the occasion is an anniversary, engagement, wedding, birthday or the birth of a child, these are significant milestones in personal history. Our role is crucial in helping you to purchase the perfect gift, a gift that will thrill the recipient and pass into the family story for generations to come.

It is this story together with a long history and tradition that makes diamonds the ultimate symbol of love, wealth and desire. This coupled with the rarity of diamonds (remember it takes on average 250 tonnes of ore to produce 1 carat of polished diamond) and the costly process of recovering them from the mine to the cutting & polishing to perfection that makes them valuable. It is estimated that 500 hands have processed the product from mine to customer that’s a lot of care!

Canadian Rocks have an additional feature which is unique to our range - it is the only collection where every single solitaire stone is individually traceable from the mine to the finger. All Canadian Rock diamonds sold by F.Hinds were mined in Canada, cut in Canada, set into high quality jewellery in Canada and finally independently graded in Canada – and no other brand can make this claim.
So if it is important for you to know the exact history of your precious diamond, Canadian Rocks are made for you. Each diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with its own unique identification number to guarantee its Canadian origin and pinpoint the exact location in the mine from where it was ‘born’.

The ability to trace a stone’s origins through online verification sets these gems apart. Today more and more consumers are concerned about the origins of the products they purchase. The registration process can provide you with the name of the mine that the stone came from, the facility where it was cut and polished, its 4C credentials and even the original size of the rough diamond from which it was cut and polished. This is a fantastic story which many owners enjoy sharing this with friends and family.

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