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The Bridal Suite­

Stunning Bridal Sets from F.Hinds, including 18ct and 9ct white gold options. When choosing an engagement ring, you should always bear in mind what wedding ring would be suitable. These engagement and wedding ring sets rings take away the worry - the engagement ring and wedding ring are designed to fit together perfectly; the wedding ring usually consists of diamonds set into the band in exactly the same way as in the diamond engagement ring.

These wedding rings are also often shaped to fit alongside or underneath the diamond cluster - if you were to have your wedding ring designed and fitted around your engagement ring as an 'afterthought', you will find the prices for this bespoke service to be dramatically higher. You can choose the engagement ring now and purchase the wedding ring later on, or in fact purchase both today!

The Bridal Suite rings are available online in 9ct and 18ct white gold, however all are available in other metals - perhaps you are after a yellow gold bridal set or even a platinum design?

Please phone us on 01895 201040 / 0800 034 4637 or email for current prices.