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Aureus is the latest jewellery collection from F.Hinds and features a timeless range of fashioned, bonded gold jewellery.  
Sterling silver and 9ct gold are entwinned together to create beautiful, classic pieces at affordable prices.

How Is Aureus Bonded Jewellery Made?

We wanted our customers to experience the look of luxury 9ct gold at an affordable price, so we introduced the Aureus collection. We combined a base of hallmarked sterling silver with an outer layer of genuine 9ct gold and fused the two together. We paired this with some of the most fashionable jewellery styles out there and voila, we created the Aureus collection at just a fraction of the price of gold!

The Most Fashionable Styles

We know that a winning combination of style and quality is essential to our customers, so we are definitely not short of the most stylish designs. The Aureus collection features dainty necklaces, charm bracelets, chunky chains, sparkling crystals and even two-tone pieces that are just perfect for every taste and occasion!


Caring For Aureus Jewellery

Us jewellery lovers know how important it is to take care of precious jewellery properly. Each jewellery piece is different and the right cleaning methods must be carried out to ensure a long-lasting life and shine.

When it comes to Aureus jewellery being gentle is best way, and cleaning your Aureus jewellery with a soft, dry cloth is absolutely essential. This will safeguard its beautiful colour for as long as possible. It is important not to wear your Aureus jewellery pieces in water, to bed, or whilst cleaning or using any chemicals. This also includes avoiding perfumes and creams.

As with all jewellery, we recommend it’s the last thing you put on when you get dressed in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night to avoid it snagging and catching on clothes.

Due to the nature of the combined metals, it is not possible to resize or engrave Aureus Jewellery.  If any repair is required, it can be made using either sterling silver or 9ct gold.



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