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My Diamonds® is an exciting range of affordable, modern silver and diamond jewellery available exclusively from F.Hinds. Price points start at around £24.95 and most pieces are under £200. The collection showcases clean, modern designs in both contemporary silver and gold plated designs. The range has been carefully selected to give you plenty of opportunities to make up matching suites of pendants and earrings.

You may wish to purchase the matching earrings and pendants together as a set or, if purchasing one item now, why not save the matching piece for another special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary?

While the pendants and earrings in the collection make perfect presents for a loved one, there's no need to wait for someone to give you My Diamonds™ - the true joy is that you don't need anyone to buy them for you. The classic styles mean that you can accessorise many outfits with the same My Diamonds® jewellery, unlike costume jewellery bought to go with one outfit which can often cost nearly as much.

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