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An Engagement Ring Fit For A Disney Princess

Posted on: 06/10/2017

Love is always the main theme throughout Disney films and we all love watching our favourite damsel in distress being rescued by a handsome Prince. Many Disney fans focus on the colourful outfits, the gigantic castles and the gorgeous Prince, but here at F.Hinds we're naturally more interested in the jewellery, especially when it comes to the knights in shining armour popping the question!

We got thinking and decided to estimate how much our favourite Disney Princes spent on the perfect engagement ring for their brides to be. This of course is before they head off into the sunset for their happily ever after! Here's what we discovered:


When the time came for the Beast to choose an engagement ring, he wanted to find something as bright and as beautiful as Belle.

He opted for a 4 carat cushion cut yellow diamond (costing around £50,000) with a classic halo of flawless diamonds surrounding it, all set in platinum. This complements her beautiful and iconic canary yellow ball gown perfectly so his engagement ring choice is definitely fit for a Princess!

Cost: £100,000

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With her love for statement jewellery, it's no surprise that Cinderella's engagement ring features a striking blue topaz in a white gold setting.

The large sky-blue topaz is the perfect reminder of her favourite ball gown: the one she wore on the night she first met her Prince Charming, and as a bonus it could double up as her 'something blue' on the big day.

Paired with a couple of diamonds to add some extra sparkle, as well as a beautiful shank and setting for the stones to sit in, all that was left was for the Prince to find her glass slipper!

Cost: £2,000

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Snow White

Snow White's journey to true love was certainly not the most straightforward, so Prince Florian made sure she had the perfect engagement ring for her happily ever after.

He picked a 2 carat heart cut red ruby, a colour that reminded him of her red rose lip colour and the famous poison apple, and set it with seven small diamonds to symbolise her closest friends, the Seven Dwarves. To complement Snow White's classic feminine style, the Prince even picked a shank with a beautiful beaded pattern to truly sweep her off her feet.

Cost: £15,000

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Although Ariel ended up on dry land, the Little Mermaid never forgot her home. That's why Prince Eric thoughtfully picked an engagement ring featuring a stunning 15mm pearl with a white gold wrap around setting. So every time she sees her ring Ariel is reminded of her fond memories under the sea with Flounder, Sebastian and her father King Triton.

Cost: £4,500

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The Genie kindly offered to find some exotic gems in his cave of wonders to help Aladdin in his search for the perfect engagement ring for Princess Jasmine. Aladdin chose a large tanzanite gemstone with an intricate, diamond encrusted setting; this heavily decorated engagement ring certainly had both Jasmine and the Sultan's royal seal of approval.

Cost: £24,000

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Rapunzel knew she wouldn't get an extravagant engagement ring from Flynn Rider - he was a former thief after all! However his promise to change his ways meant that he saved up for an amethyst engagement ring; an unconventional choice for a Princess but perfect for Rapunzel, who was never one to follow the rules.

Cost: £600

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Modest and hard-working Tiana never treated herself to anything, which is why Prince Naveen only wanted the best for her engagement ring. He put careful thought into picking an extravagant green emerald worth around £25,000 and chose to pair this with extra diamonds in a platinum mount, before getting down on one knee at their favourite spot at Tiana's Palace restaurant.

Cost: £30,000

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Merida's reputation for a strong sense of adventure and bravery meant that her suitors, competing for her hand in marriage, presented her with engagement rings that symbolised her strong personality.

Her favourite engagement ring boasted a fire opal with hand crafted Celtic designs and complementing emeralds in the shank. However, even this beautiful ring was not enough to tempt Merida away from her life of independence...

Cost: £1,200

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The epitome of a strong and independent woman, Elsa never needed a Prince in her life so we designed the ideal ring for her future suitor.

Of course, Elsa's favourite season is winter and it just so happens that she loves December's birthstone, the aquamarine. Therefore Elsa's ideal engagement ring is an aquamarine and diamond cluster arranged in a snowflake pattern, with a platinum setting. Elsa certainly wouldn't let this beautiful ring go!

Cost: £24,000

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Belle's extravagant engagement ring is the most expensive, costing £100,000 - lucky Belle! With all these gorgeous diamonds and gemstones in the Disney world it's no wonder all of our Princes and Princesses enjoyed their perfect 'happily ever after!'

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