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Celebrity Couples We’re All Rooting For

Posted on: 30/11/2017

As a nation there's nothing we love more than talking about celebrity drama as if they're actually in our friendship group. We want to know who's been spotted cosying up to who, who's dumped who, and who's reigniting their old flame...

Whether it's a conversation filler at the water cooler, an in-depth discussion between friends, or a thread on Twitter, we're all invested in the dating lives of the rich and famous. Even the cynics who roll their eyes at celeb gossip can't escape from the speculation, and can still probably name the hottest celebrity couples.

Carrying Out Our Celebrity Dating Survey

Here at F.Hinds, we're in the business of romance and we wanted to find out which A-list couples have captured the nation's heart, and more importantly, which ones we're calling time on.

We asked over 1,500 members of the British public if they enjoyed swapping celebrity gossip. We found out which couples they wanted to see tie the knot, as well as which celebs they wanted to see left on the shelf!

So, which couples are destined for wedding bells, and which do we want to see heading home with a meal for one?

The Celebrity Gossip Stats

The most revealing result from our survey was that a massive 74% of the UK public admitted to regularly talking about celebrities, either at home or at work.

Clearly, their dating lives play quite a major role in our lives - despite the fact we'll probably never even meet any of these famous faces! With such easy access to their personal lives, it's no wonder many of us feel involved in all the drama and have such strong opinions on who should end up with who.

We've Got Royal Wedding Fever

From our research, it appears the British public can't resist a royal wedding and 43% of us were already rooting for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, even before the engagement announcement last week! Royal wedding fever is at the highest amongst residents of Newcastle and Leeds, and Glaswegians seemed to be the least bothered about the upcoming event.

These royal darlings were way ahead of the (rumoured) couple in second place - with 25% of us hoping to see a happy ending for the complex on-again-off-again love story between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Other couples that the UK public wanted to see walking down the aisle included new-parents Cheryl and Liam Payne (12%), former wild-child Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth (11%) and model Gigi Hadid and her popstar boyfriend Zayn Malik (9%).

Which Celeb is the Biggest Catch?

When we asked our respondents which celebrity they'd like to date the most, there were two stars that were well ahead of the rest of the pack. Jennifer Lawrence was the female celeb that most people wanted to take out for dinner with 47% of the vote, and Tom Hardy was the most popular male celeb with 42%.

The other female celebrities hot on J-Law's heels were Taylor Swift (38%), Queen Bey (15%) and Emily Ratajkowski, alongside the only one of the Kardashian clan to appear on our list - Kylie Kardashian.

When it came to our much loved male celebs, Chris Pratt held second place with 39%, and was followed by Zac Efron (19%), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Drake.

Which Celeb Should Be Back on the Market?

According to our survey, 30% of the British public wanted to see Liam Hemsworth single, and 1 in 5 said the same for Prince Harry, despite the royal wedding bells on the horizon. In fact, 67% of women admitting that they were "devastated" that the Prince was now officially off the market.

However, we realised that the results to this question were quite complex... Maybe people didn't think that the couple were a good match. Or maybe their answers were motivated by the slim (although not impossible!) chance that one day, they could finally become a princess! Or even better, becoming handsome Gale Hawthorne's other half (a.k.a. Liam Hemsworth's character in the Hunger Games, for the uninitiated). Move over, Miley!

So, there you go. That's our round up of all the celeb sweethearts that we, the British public are (and aren't) rooting for. Biebs, if you're hoping to pop the question, we've got a few nice engagement rings that we're pretty sure Selena would adore...
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