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Colourful Gemstone Jewellery for Summer

Posted on: 19/07/2018

With glorious weather and our summer holidays fast approaching, we can't help but feel happy and uplifted. As soon as the sun comes out we suddenly want to wear our bright clothes, accessories and jewellery pieces so that they can match our mood too! Here are our colourful gemstone picks for summer...


With its vivid red colour, the ruby symbolises love and passion and was also believed to protect the wearer from evil. Ruby jewellery would be ideal for a honeymoon or romantic holiday with a significant other, and it's also the birthstone for those who are born in July! Rubies look beautiful with most metals, especially with yellow gold as the yellow tones really complement the red.



As the birthstone for August, the peridot is another summery stone. With its vibrant bright green colour, the peridot is a symbol of strength and clarity. The green tones in the peridot remind us of summer greenery, flowers and walks in nature.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is another bright gemstone, with a vibrant blue colour that reminds us of the sea and the sky. If you're going on a seaside holiday then a blue topaz jewellery piece would make a lovely daytime accessory. According to some, the blue topaz reflects the energy of the mind and helps to stimulate self-confidence.


A pearl is a symbol of peace, nobility and beauty and was once believed to be teardrops from the moon that fell into the sea. Today, the pearl is the birthstone for those born in the month of June, and they are most popularly white or cream in colour, but they can also be black, grey or pink. Pearls are formed from oysters which makes them a very nautical birthstone! If you're going on a boat, to the seaside or on a cruise this summer then why not consider wearing pearl jewellery?


February's birthstone amethyst is said to symbolise peace, protection and tranquillity. The ancient Egyptians believed amethysts could stop a person from being poisoned, and the Greeks actually thought the amethyst would prevent intoxication! Amethyst's can come in many different tones from pale purple to deep purple, so what the wearer chooses depends on their taste and personal style. We love amethysts because they looks beautiful set in all precious metals and are suitable for every skin tone. There's amethyst jewellery for every summer occasion this year!

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