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Dos and Don’ts - How to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Posted on: 04/08/2017

SHE SAID YES! That's the stressful part over...but now you need to decide how you're going to share the happy news with your friends and family. Announcing an engagement with a telephone call or note are no longer the most popular methods of publication. Instead, couples are rushing to photograph the gorgeous ring and share their news on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. A quick hashtag search on Instagram shows millions of posts from couples that are showing off their sparkling engagement rings.

But what is the best way to capture the perfect engagement picture for social media? And how can you write the most effective caption to complement it? We conducted a survey to find out what the dos and don'ts are for engagement announcements on social media. We found out what gets the most likes, what gets the most interest and also what the biggest don'ts are for your announcement. Read on to learn how to implement our findings into your own magical announcement!

The Ring Is The #1 Thing

Of course, the first thing that people notice on an engagement ring picture is the actual ring. Almost 60% of people we surveyed said that the ring was the first thing that caught their eye when they saw an engagement announcement post.

If you're not sure which ring to opt for then we can help! You can't go wrong with our Classic Four Claw Engagement Ring, our Princess Cut Diamond Ring on an 18ct yellow gold shank or a Cluster Engagement Ring. Cluster engagement rings have a combination of diamonds or beautiful stones and are sure to be the centre of attention on any engagement photo. When photographing your gorgeous ring, make sure you experiment with the right lighting and angles so that you can show off the diamonds in all their glory!

Strike a Post-Proposal Pose

So, your fiancé adores her ring. Now it's time to prepare for the perfect social media announcement. Our survey showed that 35% of respondents agreed that the best way to announce an engagement was with a simple hand selfie of the engagement ring in front of a nice background. 8% of people said that they didn't appreciate pictures that had a poor setting, so don't forget about setting the scene. If you're on holiday, snap a hand selfie that shows off those views - some of the most popular destinations for proposals are Disney World, Times Square and the Eiffel Tower, all of which have beautiful picturesque backgrounds.

Photo Preparation

According to our survey, 13% of people said that the first thing they noticed in an engagement photo was the fiancé's ring and hand; the same percentage said that they were drawn to the fingernails as well. 21% of people disliked an engagement picture featuring tatty and unpainted nails so if you're taken by surprise on your engagement, it may be a good idea to book yourself a nail appointment or give your nails a tidy before your start photographing your ring!

Other popular announcement posts included couple selfies with the ring on view, captioned with "I said yes" - a simple yet effective post. Unique ideas were also popular amongst those surveyed, such as fitness-inspired posts and pictures of the ring with the couples favourite food. There was a significant percentage of millennials who even announced their engagement by photographing their diamond ring on food, including a slice of melon...yes, really!

Some of the big no-no's for social media announcements includes overly cheesy captions and constant updates about the upcoming nuptials. What other caption clichés should you steer clear of when announcing your engagement?


As much as you'll find social media friends who are happy about your announcement, you're equally as likely to find those who dislike the over-sharing that comes with it.

From our survey, we found that people found the sense of bragging when announcing an engagement irritating. 24% were annoyed by the use of the rhetorical question "How lucky am I?" and 22% said that the caption "I can't wait to marry my best friend" was also bothersome, particularly between those aged between 35-44 years old.

Some of the other trends that made their way on to the list included:
  • What we call the 'nausea nostalgia' - the long detailed story about how three years ago, two strangers locked eyes across a busy bar...
  • The Beyoncé-inspired 'single lady' quote - "he put a ring on it!"
  • The "He proposed...and I said yes" photo caption
  • The "I can't wait to be Mrs [surname]."
After reading our post and following these steps, you're now ready to go public with your engagement on social media! From a stunning eye-catching ring to the perfect caption, our tips will guide you through the process. Once you've followed our advice, you'll have the perfect engagement post to share the happy news with all your friends and loved ones.

Use our infographic below for reference when you're designing your post...

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