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Posted on: 27/01/2021

We love a wedding here at F.Hinds, and engagement rings represent an exciting part of the process for many couples.

With many people having to delay any type of social gatherings planned in for 2021, proposals and weddings took a back seat for many couples in 2020. 

As many stores across the country were forced to close due to the COVID-19 restrictions, those who were looking to pop the question had to rely on online shopping more than ever. But what can the search history of the world’s potential engaged couples tell us about what those hoping for a ring can expect in 2021? 

If you’re thinking of proposing in 2021, then making sure you know what is most important to your partner when it comes to their engagement ring is essential. Whether it is a specific stone that is vital or the band metal that is key, we have analysed Google search trends and keyword planner to highlight the world’s most popular engagement ring choices, to show which engagement ring element is the driving factor for those thinking about popping the question.

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend

Choosing the right stone for your engagement ring can be a tricky choice, but Brits value one stone over any other. 

A proposal classic, diamonds topped the list of most searched for engagement rings, with 14,800 monthly searches on average in 2020.

Those hoping for a diamond ring may need to wait until summer though, with searches peaking in popularity in August.

For those who prioritise the band metal over the stone, white gold is the most popular choice for those searching for engagement rings in the UK, with 9,900 online searches each month in 2020. 

Platinum is the second favourite band metal choice in the UK, with 5,400 searches each month, and silver rounds off the top three for those in the UK looking for an engagement ring, with 4,400 searches per month. 

Those hoping for a platinum engagement ring may be in for an early surprise in 2021, with the most popular time for online shoppers coming in January. However, if you’re hoping your partner is planning on popping the question with a white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or silver engagement ring you may have longer to wait as the peak popularity months for people searching for these rings all come in the back end of the year.

Rest of the World

Those in North America that are hoping for a ring in 2021 are likely to receive a rose gold ring, according to the search history statistics, with couples from the USA and Canada searching for rose gold more often than any other ring element.

Those in the USA looking to tie the knot searched for rose gold rings 60,500 times per month in 2020, significantly more than any other ring choice.

Brazil are a nation of silver surfers, with couples surfing the web for silver rings more often than any other ring type. 

Sapphire and rose gold rings are top of the pops down under, with the pair coming out as the most searched items in Australia and New Zealand.

With 4,400 searches per month, rose gold rings are the most popular engagement ring type in Australia, with sapphire just behind on 2,900 searches per month. Sapphire is the most popular search term in New Zealand, with 320 searches per month on average.

Diamonds are forever popular in Germany, with 1,300 searches per month on average.

French couples also prefer a diamond ring, with 1,900 searches a month, while neighbours Spain search for rose gold rings more often than any other type.

Those in Singapore prefer a sapphire on their engagement ring, as the blue gemstone was the most searched for item in the country in 2020.

For those looking to pop the question in 2021, whether you are following UK trends or have more of a worldwide taste, make sure to browse our range of engagement rings.

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