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Europe’s Richest Football Clubs – The Alternative Football Rich List

Posted on: 06/08/2019

It’s fair to say that the beautiful game is also one of the richest. But this time, we’re not talking about the oligarch owners, or even the star players with their sports cars, mansions and designer wardrobes. What about those trophies that are sat in the clubs’ display cabinets? Are those magnificent awards, held aloft by the triumphant players, just as impressive when it comes to their value? Here at F.Hinds, we peered into the trophy cabinets of 10 of Europe’s top football clubs to come up with our alternative football rich list.

We valued each trophy based on its weight and the materials it’s crafted from – are they gold plated? Silver? Are they set with gemstones? We then calculated how many times each club won each trophy to give us our valuations. The results may surprise you!

The Ultimate Bling Values
While some of us might love a bit of football-themed jewellery in our lives, not many of us could afford the top trophy, the DFB-Pokal, valued at a staggering £89,805. Although it only weighs 6.258kg, it’s made from gold-plated sterling silver and is encrusted with 12 tourmalines, 12 rock crystals and 18 nephrites, including a solid green nephrite in the centre. 

Next most valuable is the Bundesliga trophy, valued at £44,902. This silver shield is set with five 71.98 carat, gold-encased tourmaline cabochons and weighs a sturdy 11kg.

We then see a massive drop in value for the third place trophy; for the Premier League winners. Made from solid sterling silver and malachite, it’s valued at £7,443. However, standing at 104cm tall and weighing 25.4kg, it’s still an impressive trophy.

Right at the bottom of the scale is the FA Community Shield. Weighing 4.2kg and made from sterling silver, it’s valued at just £1,768.


The Results
So, which club has the keys to the most valuable cabinet? 

Bayern Munich is by far the richest club, with £3,113,360 worth of trophies. Not surprising, considering they have won the two most valuable trophies countless times.

They may currently be the richest football team in Europe, but Real Madrid is trailing far behind when it comes to trophy cabinet bling – theirs being valued at £454,511.48. They’re followed by Barcelona at £423,929.91 and Juventus at £318,951.26. Perhaps if we took Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive jewellery collection into account, they might move further up our table!

Last year’s richest European football club, Manchester United, are fifth in our alternative rich list – with £230,376.80 worth of booty in their display cabinets. It also makes them the richest UK team, followed by Liverpool (£165,245.87) and Arsenal (£122,766.52) in ninth and tenth place.

Milan’s two most-popular teams – AC Milan and Internazionale are in sixth and seventh place. They share a stadium, but do they have to share a trophy cabinet, we wonder? They’re followed in eighth place by Atlético Madrid, with £168,038.03 worth of trophy treasure.

Post Match Analysis

With two of the most valuable trophies in their cabinet, it’s little wonder that Bayern Munich top the rich list. They have won the DFB-Pokal 19 times and the Bundesliga 29 times. 

Meanwhile, although Real Madrid and Barcelona have won Spain’s La Liga trophy 33 and 26 times respectively, at a valuation of only £7,786, they don’t have any hope of leapfrogging the German team. It’s a similar story with Juventus, who have won the Serie A competition a massive 35 times, but with the gold Serie A trophy valued at only £5,716, we can’t see them joining the upper echelons of our rich list anytime soon either! 

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